Who Do You Say that I AM?

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'Who do you say that I am?'

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Nicholas Senz. Jeffrey Bruno. Belief that Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity—fully human and fully divine—is fundamental to belief in His Eucharistic presence. Although this is true, the title of the recently published Pew Survey grabbed the attention of Catholics and the Church—especially among those institutions and apologetics outlets that have proliferated since the s—when it declared: Just one-third of U.

Read more:. Since you are here…. They should wait until his time came, until his Father, our Father, vindicated his mission and his person, raising him from the dead. Peter's reply says that Jesus is both God, infinitely other than us, and a human being like ourselves.


This interpretation hardly makes the question of who Jesus is easier to understand, 'so we might well wonder what it means. Traditionally Jesus' question and Peter's answer have not just been regarded as historical matters 'back then'; they are about me now: If a person like me in everyway but for my ungodliness can also be God, what does that say about me? What may I be? And what am I then called to be? We human beings are potentially 'partakers of the divine nature' 2 Pet.

How do we activate that potential?

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  4. How do we magnify these claims? Some ideas include nursing homes, active duty military, a local homeless shelter, or have the kids take them home to mail to friends and family.

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    Take some time to pray before class, and to discuss with ministry leaders what the best way to use these cards would be, and then let your class know to whom their Praise and Proclamation Postcards will be sent. On the board, draw what the back of a postcard looks like. There is room for a stamp in the upper right hand corner, and below that on the right half is where you address the envelope to the recipient. The left hand side is where you write the message. After passing out large index cards to your students, have them fold it in half and unfold, so they have an area in which they can write.

    On the front, the blank side, have them illustrate various names and attributes of God.

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    On the back left side, have them write about what that attribute or name means. Allow them to make as many and time and materials allow. Tara has experience working with children from preschool age all the way through the youth group. She started writing Sunday school curriculum out of a need she saw for relevant, age appropriate lessons on deep, Biblical topics. Tara has been writing since the age of six, and writing for Ministry-To-Children. Your email address will not be published. Please use our curriculum material for any ministry purpose that brings honor to Jesus.

    We never charge or ask for donations. Tape a strip of paper over the name, and one over the main idea. Use this to review the lesson as you go. Alternatively, use large flash cards with the name of God on the front and the main idea on the back. Create one of these every week and review with the class as you go. Take time to meditate on this lesson and apply it to your own life. Dear teacher, you have led your class through many names of God. I pray that your heart would be changed along with the hearts of your students. It is a terrible sin to store up that knowledge and let it rot away uselessly in your heart.

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    Matthew tells us that the greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neighbors. We can show God we love him through praise, and the best way to love our neighbors is to proclaim to them the Gospel. I encourage you, dear teacher, to take the knowledge you gain through attending church and reading the Bible and studying Scripture, and praise God for revealing himself to you. Then go out and proclaim his greatness! Scripture References: Psalm Acts Matthew Psalm Game: Catch and Call This simple game will help students review what they have learned through this series.

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