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A MAZE. established since is an international label in the field of playful media that includes independent and alternative games, virtual realities and other.

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July 19 — Superfoods and super authors, yes Friday Feast has it all. This week, paranormal and fantasy romance author Shona Husk is treating us to muffins, but not just any muffins. These are muffins containing chocolate, orange and that font of great health, quinoa. July 26 — Love a bit of armchair travelling? Champagne in the lounge car in the afternoon sun, barramundi with citrus butter, stunning views and more.

In other words, deliciously romantic. Last Sunday, I hosted the lovely and inspiring Ermisenda Alveraz on my blog. Ermisenda is twenty, has self published two books, designs book covers, speaks two languages fluently and is learning more, and is a full time psychology student. July 23 — Author Harvest is giveaway central right now.

Winter Harvest is blooming wonderful! Harlequin Romance author Jennifer Faye has the perfect recipe this week — Enchiladas! So come on over and see what Jennifer is cooking up! We have four sections, each with four finalists and the winners will be announced at our annual conference, this year to be held in Fremantle, WA. Obviously, if you are a romance writer, RWA is the place to be! Thanks go to our new Ruby co-ordinator, Dorothy Bramich and to Louise Reynolds, our erstwhile Ruby co-ordinator, for mentoring her through her first year in this role. We would be helpless without our stalwart volunteers!

Thanks too, to our wonderful reader judges. Yesterday the wonderful Australian Romance Readers Association published the list of finalists in their awards. We are thrilled to see so many Romance Writers of Australia members among the finalists. There are many well-loved authors here and quite a few appearing for the first time with their first book. Long may you flourish! The list of finalists is below, but if you want to see the full post, including closing dates for voting and the covers in the cover competition, the post is HERE. Favourite Paranormal Romance — proudly sponsored by Galaxy Bookshop.

Favourite Historical Romance — proudly sponsored by Carina Press. Favourite Romantic Suspense — proudly sponsored by Love Books. Favourite Australian Romance Author — proudly sponsored by Booktopia. We have a huge line-up of blogs for you to enjoy this week.

LoveCats DownUnder: September

Have you got a new website or blog to share? Congratulations to all our members this week. Share your new release, new cover, contest win, new contract, new website and more good news with us at cruisin romanceaustralia. Visit the Contest Website for instructions on how to enter by completing a submission form and uploading one 1 eligible first chapter. RWA has launched a contest to find a new logo.

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Author Harvest has had a bumper spring crop already. Juliet Madison — do not let her near a stapler! Also coming up this spring: Kerri Sackville — non-fiction author and one of the most influential female bloggers according to the Prime Minister, who discusses PMT with Kerri. And Kerri discusses all sorts of stuff with us. Feeling anxious? You might want to check this one out. Author Harvest is just getting started. If you enjoy the posts, there are plenty more in store with a spring, summer, autumn and winter harvest.

Just in time for the Melbourne Cup! Besieged on all sides how can Eve save Eden? Will Adam convince her the future is more important than the past? This free cookbook is due out in October. I have my fabulous American friend author Jen Tucker on my blog today. The topic — old ladies problems. Come visit and share your favourite Italian escape — or you can cheat and invent one. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story? This weekend I did a blog post inspired by the Rural panel at the conference. Me and eight other rural writers will be sharing our thought on what makes a Rural Romance and what aspects of rural life have inspired us to write.

There are some great authors to discover and some interesting ideas behind the works of some of your favourites. We all know the Diamonds Are Forever Conference is going to be brilliant, but not all of us can make it to the sunny Gold Coast. Claytons is online, interactive and impossible to ignore. Please visit the Claytons page on the RWAustralia website for more information including the program and to register.

If you have any questions, you can contact Julia and Jenny at ClaytonsConf12 [at] gmail [dot] com. So come and join us on Friday Feast for some decadent fun. Erin Nicholas is joining the Divas for a visit. Come on over and get to know her. If you love a gripping rural novel, pop on by. Are you a plotter, a pantser or somewhere in between? With the Gold Coast Conference just weeks away, Clint has been out scouting for posts on past and present conferences. Send it to us at cruisin romanceaustralia. With winter in full swing, Jaye reveals her cold weather obsession with soup and shares a favourite that can be easily whipped up from the contents of your pantry and freezer.

Definitely one for writers — just like her page-turner books! July 19 — Magic Thursday with Nicola E. Sheridan on Mythological Creatures — beasts from Hell. It is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily by. How else, indeed, to clap the net over the butterfly of the moment?

For the moment passes, it is forgotten; the mood is gone; life itself is gone. Welcome to our Easter edition. The pit crew at Cruisin with RWA wish you safe and happy motoring over the long weekend. Members share their new releases with us every week. Keep your TBR list up to date or share a new release with us at cruisin romanceaustralia.

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Have you had your manuscript accepted for publishing? Nicola Marsh has sold a contemporary category romance to Indulgence, an Entangled Publishing imprint. She also writes for Harlequin Romance and Presents Extra, and has just sold her 31st book to them! Morning tea will be provided and bookings are preferred. The Centre conducts readings, workshops, writers in residence programs and other services designed to encourage writers at all levels of the craft. Each year the centre hosts an established writer in a residency program funded by the West Australian Department of Culture and the Arts.

In her role Valerie will pursue her own writing work while participating in the events of the centre, conducting a workshop Saturday 14 July and readings Tuesday 17 July , and sharing her knowledge and experience with the local writing community, June-July July 14 — Getting a yes from agent or editor — The Two-Page Test Workshop with Established Writer-in-Residence Valerie Parv Participants are invited to bring along the first two pages of their work in progress for discussion.

Booking and payment in advance is essential. Optional payment by direct deposit — details here. Meet other writers and enjoy a three-course candle-lit dinner. Bring your own favourite drinks. Booking and payment in advance essential. Emmie has even provided lots of photos for us drool over. Sheridan continues the Mythical Creatures series. Are you ready for all things fantastical? Then take my hand …. Wendy Leslie 2. Yvonne Lindsay 3. Anne Whitfield 4.

Elisabeth Rose 6. Historical Hearts. For venue, date and cost information, please also visit our Events page. Welcome Nicola! I think the blurb best sums it up:. Also, our heroes tend to be down-to-earth guys. Mostly not all blue collar. Lots of military men, cowboys, and more. Blaze is the sexiest of all of our series, and we tend to get a bit graphic! Yes, we are not shy in Blaze.

Both can be romantic and steamy — but in a different way. That said, if the Heartwarming Editors really like your chapter they may be able to wait for the complete. Starting September 23 writers can submit the first chapter and a word pitch aimed at the New Adult Romance series. Submissions will be posted exclusively on Wattpad for comment and voting. Harlequin editors will judge the top 25 manuscripts and select four winners who will be published in the New Adult Romance line. What Mary-Theresa said. I thank you for the feedback. It was very helpful.

So I will finish it up, sample some Desire, and see. Thank you again for the feedback. A word of advice to everyone stopping by this week. We open for contest submissions on Monday Sept 23rd. Thanks so much for this opportunity. This is my first time for me, and I will be submitting to the Nocturne series. I hope to learn a lot this week! As the first chapter submission day draws nearer i keep wavering between entering and not going for it. Is it exciting enough for the Nocturne Line? But, I am not going to chicken out like I did last year.

Hi Anne, Glad you stopped by and that you are enjoying the week. Good luck with your Nocturne submission! Go for it! I love when writers encourage one another. But take a chance. Good luck! Just took my spaniel for a walk and gave myself a good talking to. Siren you will enter just as I will, Just wondering if my chapter grabbing enough and good enough. They represent different series. Again, the are all different projects. Can I enter a different book in a different series? Thank you. Hi, I am wondering if I can enter a Young Adult romance?

If so, which series do I target? Please help! The rules are only one entry per contestant though I believe the New Adult contest can be a separate entry. Kristy— At this time we are focused on the series with only the Shivers line from Harlequin Digital First program. There will not be a Digital First Teen category this year. That said, you can, of course, submit directly to the Harlequin Digital First Teen program through the Writing Guidelines page!

I have a question about the editorial shift in Harlequin Romance. Since the shift to more aspirational stories and heroes I was wondering what were some of the core differences between Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents other than the sensuality level? What authors or books are the best examples of the new editorial shift? Thanks Kim.

Hey, everyone! Hi Kim, Thanks for your question. Bryony Bryonty. I hope we find many new authors to welcome into the Harlequin family. Changes have been made to the first chapter as well as the entire manuscript. Is this allowed? After all, that kind of work really makes it a new story. Good luck and remember the contest submission form will be up and live at 10am EST on Monday, September 23! The news however came at a personally devastating time. A few short weeks ago a ghastly mistake was made by someone else and they destroyed every bit of work I had, along with everything else I owned.

So entering the contest when all my stories are gone, is without a doubt a hard thing for me to do but I feel the need to jump back on the horse so to speak is a very important thing to do at this point. However my next problem is that at first I believed my story best suited the intrigue genre.

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Nor can the story really progress with eliminating the minor intrigue aspect. Any ideas on a more befitting genre to choose? One where the intrigue eliminate takes a bit of a back seat perhaps. I know this is elementary, but do I need to number the ms pages? The heroine is close to my heart — she is both strong and vulnerable. I hope you enjoy it. Editors, I would love your feedback.

  1. Innocent Til Proven Otherwise Mills Boon Modern Heat!
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  3. Civil War Mississippi: A Guide.
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  7. It will all appear on screen in a block! Kirsty— Not dumb! This stage is for readers to comment and editors to choose the top For now, just give feedback to your choices! But we have been acquiring urban fantasy and fantasy in the Harlequin E program, so we might be opening it up next year! Pamela— It is a great job, I have to admit! Congratulations, B Buena! Yay, another chance for people to show their originality and have a chance of publication!

    Thank you Harlequin, what would we do otherwise! But, whoops! I clicked on the wrong imprint and need to change it to Harlequin Intrigue. Is this possible? Should we expect to wait a bit longer to hear back on regular responses while sytycw is going on? I figure the editors are real busy!

    Thank you to all of the wonderful Editors who are reading through all the entries. This is an amazing load of work and Bless you all for. Doing it. This is so exciting. It really is. Already over entries, with the week just really started, and the editors can only pick 50?! But I wish you guys the best of luck, and everyone entering including me. I am so excited and nervous! I think this contest gives writers an amazing opportunity to get their stories out there! Thank you for all the hard work!

    Hello again, another dumb question from me…. I love the story and the characters and want to share them with everyone, but like you, Twitter and Facebook are not my things. So…fingers crossed. I too really hope the editors DO read all the entries. B Buena — after a lot of searching I finally found your story and lots more pitches that caught my attention so I read those first chapters — took me ages! Kirsty, I loved your chapter. It made me really want to get to know Anna and Todd better and to watch their relationship develop.

    Also anxious to see how Anna handles things with her Dad. Is the contest based upon both comments and later votes? Also can I be assured that an editor has actually read my entry? It is my understanding that someone from Harlequin would in fact have read it, as all entries are read by editors at some point in the contest.

    Is this understanding incorrect? Eliana — mine also has only a few comments, and I have seen other first chapters with no comments so far. Like you, I am hoping that this will not impact against us, and that the editors actually do read every submission. There are some absolutely fantastic first chapters in here — I have been reading non-stop, and some writing is truly terrific! All are so good!

    So I believe a books popularity and therefore worth of publishing can only be half estimated in this contest. Fingers crossed for the both of us! Are there any other NZ contestants in here? Or books set in NZ? Hey guys! Would be interested in a chapter exchange — and please feel free to recommend to me your chapters to comment on. Just stopping by and see there are lots of comments about social media and the editors. I can assure you that every entry is read by the editors—and they have already started.

    Sure we look at the comments posted with each entry—and we love all the buzz on social media. But we are reading every entry to find great stories and good writing. Georgina You wanted to enter your chapter to the Intrigue series. What line did you enter it to instead?

    It can be the same story. The editors are continuing to read all the submissions that come in thru the usual channels but are also reading the chapters. Amateur Writer Unfortunately you are not eligible to enter the contest this year but you can of course submit a story thru the regular submission process. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully they will be able to find it. And I agree with Birgit! Feedback is at an individual basis, but everything will be read. I do love search functions! So if your prologue and first chapter together fall below that, I am pretty sure you can submit them both.

    Dear Editors Birgitta and Mary Theresa, Thank you for your responses assuring us that all entries are reviewed by the editors. You give us hope! Good morning!! I submitted my chapter just the other day targeted for the Love Inspired Suspense line. The title is Code of Silence. I would love and appreciate any feedback from the love inspired team and anyone else who gets a chance to read it!!!! Thanks again for this opportunity!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. The editors have a tough job. Hello everyone! It was suggested to me today to come onto the Editor board and explain that a negative comment on my sub is more personal in nature and does not truly effect the authenticity of what I have written.

    I want to assure that I am well educated in my topic. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity HQN presents and the warm kindness shown to a aspiring author.

    Cruisin’ the News

    Thank you again. Kelly Hyatt. Hi everyone. So my chapter is submitted, but I am having a little trouble networking and getting my story out there. How do I go about doing that? Other than Facebook and Twitter is there a chat room for writers support. Great writing and friendly cheerleading. Kudos to all! I am entering for a fist time and is my first ever book that I have written I would appreciate feedback it is called A legendary cut Sue S.

    Kelly that was comment left on mine as well by a different reader. Also, as the level of competition is high and obviously not everyone is going to get through to the next stage, are the full manuscripts that follow these first chapters still eligible to be submitted for consideration through the regular process? I believe she was posting the title in case you wanted to read her entry. Hello All. Please direct me to your submissions as well.

    It helps to include your category. Good luck to everyone! Hi all! Mine, Immortal Need, is doing pretty good on comments. I think one of the biggest things is the sharing and caring. In most competitions such is not the case. People bicker, argue, and even go as far to sabotage. This just goes to show how classy each and every one of us are! A good prologue will set up any story nicely and compell the reader to keep reading. Generally they are short in length. Mary Theresa — Thank you so much for sending a message off to the UK branch.

    I really would appreciate anything I can salvage of my lost work. Correction I like to apologize to Christy ,, I read her entry it was awesome I did not realize it was title of her entry. Hi, I entered a new adult story on wattpad. I was wondering who will be the editors of those submissions. Missy Great to hear you submitted your chapter.

    You can also chat on the community boards on harlequin. Lastly keep in mind that all the submissions will be read by the editors so while all the buzz and promotion is wonderful it comes down to you writing a story with promise. When you submit your first chapter and pitch and you go to your email to click on the link to confirm your submission.

    How do you know if it has been confirmed or not? Because it took me back to a blank version of the page that I used to submit my first chapter and pitch. I fear I was beginning to give myself an ulcer over my networking skills. Or lack there of. H — I am pretty sure that when I submitted mine, and clicked on the confirmation link, it came up with a link directly to my submission that I could post on Facebook etc.

    There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it had worked. A general question. Is there a specific page? And I thought I was nervous before!! Have loved reading your submissions. Best of luck to everyone! She speaks of them with great fondness. How wonderful to see they are still with Harlequin! Does anyone know if the top 50 manuscripts chosen will also require a synopsis to be submitted at the same time?

    I want to be prepared, just in case. Frances Brown. Having had really great feedback from a New Voices comp a few years ago I was eager to enter this as the editors encouraged me then to write some more. I have been studying Creative Writing since then and writing the novel entered too so fingers crossed. It is a real butterfly in the stomach moment — finally releasing it from the caverns of my document folder.

    My intention was to send it off at Xmas and then I heard of this comp. I have also popped a link to my Pinterest page which shows pictures of things that inspired the novel.

    I am really enjoying reading the chapters and it is lovely being part of a community of people who all have the same focus xx Karen Rollason.