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The Coral Thief by Rebecca Stott

Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Coral Thief. Description Paris, But on the coach to Paris, he is entranced by a fellow passenger, a mysterious older female who seems to know a good deal about the new scientific ideas and a good deal about the world as well. After some stimulating conversation they both fall asleep, and when Daniel wakes up, he finds that the woman is gone and so are his letters of introduction and gifts.

It is a book that combines the historical romance with the jewel heist thriller, an intriguing combination that would seem to offer some promise. Unfortunately, it is a promise that is not quite kept.

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While Stott does manage to create a nicely researched picture of Paris in this post-Napoleonic era, it is more a miniature than it is a mural. Perhaps because most of the story is narrated by the youthful, inexperienced Daniel, the historical framework often lacks depth. He is too wide-eyed and self-absorbed to give the reader the kind of context a more seasoned observer might provide. While this may be appropriate from the point of view of character, it is somewhat disappointing from that of the reader.

The novel never really captures the turbulence of the period.

The thriller plot which involves a gaggle of master thieves and a corrupt policeman weaving a tangled web around the young, lovestruck hero is far-fetched and lacks the kind of blow by blow details one has come to expect from these kinds of narratives. For example there is a description of the opening of an intricate cabinet in which a diamond has been hidden which really gives the reader very little information about what is actually going on.

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There is a chase through the underground quarries of Paris that never creates any suspense. There is even a scene in which a soporific drug is administered to a whole party of dignitaries gathered to honor a Dutch emissary which might make sense in satire, but is clearly absurd in a thriller. Indeed the whole heist plan seems to be unnecessarily elaborate. Add to this the fact that most of the characters are stock figures from the great collective unconscious of fictions past.

Book Review - THE CORAL THIEF by Rebecca Stott

Book Rating 3. Publisher: Tantor Media Date: September Duration: 9 hours 0 minutes.

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      The Coral Thief

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