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In the past Sam, the onion man, cured the townsfolk from all types of ailments with his onion remedies. Even when doctors could not heal the sick, Sam could. Here again onions had a healing power. After reading about onions, we made this delicious dip from onions.

Here is the recipe we used:. Combine cream cheese and cream in Crock Pot. Cover and heat until cheese is melted, 30 to 60 minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and heat 30 minutes. Serve with raw vegetables, crackers, or bread pieces. Similar to onions, peaches are important to the characters in Holes. Katherine Barlow made delicious spiced peaches.

She used these peaches to pay Sam for the work he did on the schoolhouse. Zero found some of these peaches in the boat, the Mary Lou. He was able to survive living in the desert by using the overturned boat as shelter and eating the spiced peaches. Students enjoyed making spiced peaches. We served them warm over vanilla ice cream. The recipes are astonishing!

Holes Introduction – Teacher-Created Lesson Plan | Common Sense Education

The Backwards Poem AssignmentAfter listening to excerpts from Holes, students will discuss ways that author Louis Sachar uses irony, antonyms and vivid vocabulary to develop his story. Explore Writing with Louis SacharStudents make connections between the author's life and his work. HolesA variety of reading strategies and postreading activities, including an anticipation guide, a guided imagery activity, and a timeline.

Pre-step before sharing the published model : This is a fun assignment to do right before your class does a read-aloud or a project centered around Holes by Louis Sachar. It allows students to start playing with the notion of verbal irony, so they can spot it easier in Sachar's marvelous award-winning novel.

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You can easily do this poetry assignment without ever reading the book at all, of course. A "Backwards Poem" is just an enjoyable assignment for students who are exploring poetry and creating their own explorations of words. Show our backwards poem example on your overhead. Click here to open it so you can print it.

Film Library. Holes: Resources. Article with ideas for integrating Holes into other learning areas: Digging-deep-for-the-hole-story 3. Holes: Match 'Em Up Challenge.

by Kieran Donaghy

Holes Teacher's Guide. The following are estimated times:. Is a Black Hole Really a Hole? Physical layout of room:. Students can work in small groups of two or three, or individually. Adaptations can be made to accommodate classrooms with only a single Internet computer.

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This might include using an overhead projector with a LCD that projects the computer image on a screen or a hookup from a computer to a television monitor. You can also do the lesson off the Internet! Different software programs, available through commercial vendors, provide off-line access to the Internet. These programs allow you to save Web pages to your local hard drive.

Using your browser you can then open the lesson on your computer. The advantage is that the speed of an Internet connection will not slow down the use of the lesson. However, any links in the teacher pages to outside Web pages will not function. This lesson requires a computer with a color monitor and Internet connection. The Web browser used must have at least the capability of running Netscape Navigator 3.

Holes Novel Study with Lesson Plans Common Core Aligned

For additional information read the Computer Needs section. These are self-directed activities. Students can work independently or in small groups to complete each lesson module. Any module can be accessed at any time. This lesson does not require the student to start at the beginning, although students may discover that it is wise to start with the information section of the module. Here are some suggestions to pre-assess your students' understanding of escape velocity, gravity, and black holes:.

Myth or Fact? Ask students to relate either a movie or a story that uses a black hole as a theme. A few examples follow:.

Teaching Holes

Yolen, Jane. Commander Toad and the Big Black Hole. Coward-McCann, Inc. Walt Disney Productions. The Black Hole Storybook. Adapted by Shep Stenemanl. Random House, New York, Benford, Gregory. Sailing Bright Eternity. Crichton, Michael. Knopf, New York, Have the students distinguish between the concept of "orbital velocity" and "escape velocity. Pre-assessment activity. Ask students to explain in words or fewer what a black hole is and share their essays with the class. This activity will show students what they have learned after the lesson is completed.

Ask them to compare their initial ideas about black holes with what they know now. Online activity: Step-by-step instructions. This is an introduction module to the concept of a black hole. Students examine the anatomy of a black hole using a diagram of an accretion disk, the event horizon, and jets of hot gas. This module also includes subsections about myths, the history related to the discovery of black holes, an animated trip to the center of a black hole and a discussion of different types of black holes.

Images are provided for students to use as illustrations for their descriptions. With a "submit" button, these essays can be submitted to the Space Telescope Science Institute. The Office of Public Outreach at the Institute will select some of the best essays and post them on this Web site. Black holes history: Ask students to read the subsection about the history of the discovery of black holes found in the module "What is a Black Hole?

Step by Step Harmonica Lessons - Lesson 1.

This information could be presented by the students as an essay or a poster. Have the students complete the Time Line Activity, putting some technological advancements into time context with dates of the black hole history [see below]. Perform a Density Lab Activity [see below]. Have students calculate the number of teachers that would have sufficient mass to form a black hole if they were stuffed into a VW bug [see below]. Create a time line to accompany the existing text.

This time line would span the period discussed in the history but would highlight different events. The line would cover:.