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Add to my bookshelf. Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. When a storm traps her for three nights on the J Bar C Ranch, she's faced with a choice of marriage or shame. Jed Adams says he detests the shrew but she can cook and, since his partners want her, agrees to wed the voluptuous woman in a civil ceremony.

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But their new life is destroyed when the wedding is annulled by a vengeful business rival. Unless they remarry with a preacher, Victoria will lose the respectability she craves, Clint and Riley will lose the woman they've come to love, and Jed will lose the new light in his life. But Jed's the son of a vicious Bible-thumping hypocrite and will have nothing to do with a preacher. He scratched the soft head and ears as he would a dog.

The rumbling purr grew louder, as if rewarding him. As he had nothing better to do, he used both hands to rub under its chin. The sun had risen enough that he could see its amber eyes blinking up at him. He found himself smiling. It angled its head so his fingers reached what must be an itchy spot.

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He heard noises behind him and turned to look through the window. The door from the kitchen opened—finally—and a short woman appeared. She crossed the room, opened the door, and stared at the two of them. The cat scrambled off his lap, digging its back claws into his upper thighs as it leaped to the ground. It trotted through the door without looking back. Luke politely stood up, holding back an oath as he grimaced in pain.

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Forcing a smile, he lifted his hat to greet his intended. She tilted her head to keep her eyes on his face.

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Lines wrinkled her forehead as she glared accusingly up at him. She looked at the bottom of his coat, catching him rubbing his upper thigh.

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She snickered, pressing her lips together. He cleared his throat, and she broke out laughing. I kindly petted that beast of yours when it forced its way onto my lap.

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In return it came close to causing a very serious injury. She dropped her eyes to his groin for a moment before flashing her sparkling eyes at him. His own lip twitched in spite of the pain. Another couple of inches higher with those claws would have affected his plans for sons. Her comment, and glance, proved she knew what lurked below his belt.

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  • He stared though the glass, mouth open. She bent over to pet the cat. She had wide hips for birthing his sons, and for holding on to while he created them. His cock jerked in agreement in spite of the pain. He opened the door and stepped in. She stood and turned to him while the cat wove around her skirts, meowing.

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