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I thought it was only physical exercise? For those who wish to argue against this line of thinking keep reading this document as it will clear up any misconceptions that you can separate the physical benefits from the spiritual effects. He started the TM-Sidhi programme, in the late s that claimed to offer practitioners the ability to levitate and to create world peace.

Archived from the original on August 30, Page, Jeremy; Hoyle, Ben The Times London. Archived from the original on The introduction of Eastern and Hindu thought has also come through Western Occultists yet were also inspirations to many leaders in the East. One little known influence was upon Mahatma Gandhi is seen in his diary entry for January 30 Ira Craddock founder of the Church of Yoga in Chicago , committed suicide in after receiving instruction from her spirit guide as an answer to her 9 year court case over censorship of her writings.

Incredibly significant if you compare that with the modern Emergent Church Movement of the 21st Century. Ira boasted that Genesis 6 was a good thing, and that was what was happening to her which states. I am not going to enter the debate as to whether or not that passage actually means that.

The authoress of the MS. She expounds at the greatest length the philosophy connected with this thesis. Her learning is enormous…. This book is of incalculable value to every student of occult matters. No Magick library is complete without it. This is not the first Yoga practitioner who has contacted spirits and committed suicide as we will see later. Timothy Leary himself sought to bring about the vision of the following man who was greatly influential in introducing teachings of the East which manifested as Western Occultism.

In its bosom repose the Great Mysteries. Its brain has resolved all the problems of philosophy and life. Moreover it possesses a Secret capable of realising the world-old-dream, of the Brotherhood of Man. This was written when it was completely unacceptable in society. Hermetic Science derives from Hermes Trismegistus meaning thrice blessed who wrote a number of books and or preserved a number of works which were lost in the great fire in the Alexandrian Library. For those who have not read my blog on Avicci feel free to examine that as it mentions this this.

As a religion, it is that of the Ancient Magi and the Initiates of all ages; as a philosophy, we may find its principles in the school of Alexandria and the theories of Pythagoras; as a science, we must inquire for its processes of Paracelsus, Nicholas Flamel, 2 and Raymond Lulle. We have been led to believe Hinduism is disjointed and chaotic but in at the First World Hindu Conference, a stratagem was drawn up by top Hindu leaders up to convert the world. This does not discount the efforts that had been made by others in the past but this commenced a more determined and increased effort in evangelisation in the west.

It was clear from Mahatma Gandhi in his Diary entries that he was not satisfied with the direction the Theosophical society was taking at the time stating. It certainly appears Hinduism has taken upon itself the need to evangelise the West itself and not leave it to Western Occultism itself. I quote from the the Vishva Hindu Parishad who launched a Missionary initiative at Allahabad India to show they are in fact organized. In at the second world congress of Hinduism attended by delegates from around the world it was announced. Hinduism is becoming the dominant world religion, and the end of Christianity has come near.

If we go back to the late 19th Century and look again at Swami Vivekananda who we have already met at the Parliament of World Religion, he stated the objective was to re-catalyse. This all reveals that a concerted effort in evangelism of the west has taken place not just to find new converts, but is especially antagonistic toward Christianity and in particular the exclusivity of Jesus Christ. If you have read my blog on The Generation Gap , you will see symmetry in the efforts of seemingly disparate groups to establish the same thing.

It is then worth while asking yourself how you can practise Yoga as a Christian, have you just been duped by a slick evangelistic tool? Keep reading to find out. I think they might be right. His book is endorsed by Rick Warren. I can personally understand where McManus is coming from in that when I left a church many years ago, I was deeply affected by the experience and found myself questioning everything including my faith and whether I even had any left.

Unlike McManus though, I was not satisfied until I found my faith established on the Word of God and facts not feelings and opinions. To say you wish to destroy Christianity is the talking of a fool who does not know the difference between feelings and reality. His anger and Ephesians He has truly given place to the devil. A door I literally came to in my mind, opened, and perceiving what lay beyond refused to enter further.

As scripture states Jesus despised the shame of the cross. I for a time also developed ideas that could maintain my faith in Christ and express my dissatisfaction with Church and Christians. This was in hindsight a support mechanism and defence to retain my faith and distance myself from the hypocrisy and wickedness I could see in the Church till my strength grew to resist lies and falsehood from the church, and be set straight myself and from my own hypocrisy. So the term is used to avoid confusion. A system of exercises practiced as part of this discipline to promote control of the body and mind.

Philosophy any method by which such awareness and tranquillity are attained, esp a course of related exercises and postures designed to promote physical and spiritual wellbeing See Astanga yoga, hatha yoga, power yoga, raja yoga, Sivananda yoga. God though is an artificial concept injected into Yoga to placate the theists of the time in Hinduism, as Hinduism is fundamentally an Humanistic religion. The idea of God, far from being organically interwoven in the Yoga system, is only loosely inserted. In the Yoga sutras the passages that treat of God stand disconnected, and are, indeed, in direct contradiction to the contents and aim of the system.

In India and Eastern Beliefs, God is an impersonal whole of which everything is a part of that whole. Oddly enough it is emptiness, void, darkness. Everything is a part of God and is god. This is called Pantheism and Panentheism. Hinduism which is Indian Philosophy Yoga is 1 of 6 schools of Indian philosophy teaches that the physical world is an illusion maya , that the only reality is impersonal nothingness. The Sankhya school of thought was an atheistic Hindu Philosophy and was later absorbed into the Yogic School. This makes sense then that as we approach the time of the end that such thinking from such diverse Religions as Christianity and Hinduism should be finding common ground as a catalyst for religious unity in the future.

An end which some have clearly understood from the outset of this, thus far, year journey and longer. In Hinduism it is said the reason there is suffering and specifically, you have suffering, is because you think you are a personal being. You must get rid of personality, get rid of thinking, feeling and senses in order to transcend to the state of reality which is impersonal nothingness.

Thus in India they developed techniques to achieve this state, of which one was called Yoga which was systematized in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in around BC. These were ascetic practices, thus you will find similar objectives in all asceticism. It would be better classified as Mysticism, which is flooding the Church at every level and every denomination today. The elimination of the thought processes, mind and personality for transcendence.

All external. Fifth Stage Prathahari being the desensitizing of the senses and the tearing down of the personality. Once these have been accomplished, this prepares you for Raja Yoga and the three stages. Internal stages are of focusing the mind on mantra word or sound or yantra a geometric symbol. You do this to achieve the final state of sumati kyalomocsha which is total absorption into nothingness. Aka Hindu reality. Like a drop of water falling into the ocean and merging in the One and thus you loose yourself and find peace.

This is where we find the current trend in Politics, Religion, Finance, Law, etc running at breakneck speed to merge into One. If you examine society over the last years you will see we have all be undergoing a similar social program that parallels the 8 fold process.

This is how Hinduism and Socialism both find common ground in that the objective of both systems is the elimination of the individual and becoming One with the Collective. It is also the lack of distinction between God and self that lends itself to a perfect adaptation with Humanism. Yoga: Exercises physical, mental or spiritual based on Eastern metaphysical assumptions designed to aid in enlightenment or self-realization. Goals sometimes include altered states of consciousness or uniting the practitioner with the impersonal pantheistic God.

Yoga philosophy is based on the concept of reincarnation and is drawn from the Upanishads and other Hindu scriptures. Most Christians will try to argue that their yoga is just physical. That in itself should suffice but in all truth when you are deep in something it can take quite a significant amount of leverage to bring someone out of the quicksands of deception. But let me bring this home leaving you without excuse by quoting from a well known occultist, Alice Bailey who writes concerning the 7 Rays, speaking about the 4h Ray. Hatha Yoga, the most dangerous method of psychic growth.

This is just doing the exercises as many say thinking they have cleverly disarmed any argument. There is no argument, you do not know what you are doing. As you have probably picked up already, An Asana is the term used for the differing Yoga postures. Sequencing is also part of this in that it is the series of Asanas to be performed one after the other.

Firstly on a physical level a series of yoga asanas or positions are sequenced together on the basis of efficiency of movement, moving from one position to a logically similar but different position and so on so to create a fluid movement in the yogic routine and avoid a disjointed, stop start type of routine which would occur with diverse yoga asanas say moving from lotus, to standing on your head to cobra. That is not good sequencing. Unfortunately my explanation is merely a Western way of looking at sequencing so now let me put that in the correct light. The 12 distinct poses of the Sun Salutation each have their own mantra and the series is meant to celebrate the sun and the sun god.

Thus the Sun Salutation would be better called Surya Salutation as that is the name of the Sun god 5. You cannot explain away your ability to bow to the sun in adoration and not find yourself in conflict with Exodus It is clear that the Sun salutation sequence is a bowing down to the Sun god Surya and each Asana also has a Mantra as well. Instead of accepting the Word of God as a sharp double edged sword of God and a quick blow to your flesh, would you would prefer the death of a thousand paper cuts then continue to read.

It belongs to the left hand path. We are practising physical yoga techniques through asanas where we in different movements and positions learn how to control latent inner forces. We are using a rare and dark system in which the kundalini reaches beyond Sahasrara. This does not lead to Samadhi but to Kaivalya where the adept becomes like a god.

We are working with a number of hidden chakras besides the energy zones that are more commonly used in Yoga and meditation. Are your trying to become one with God Samadhi or become a god yourself Kaivalya? Answer that Christian. I hope your answer is neither! This makes sense concerning the direction our society is heading. It is these methods which are to bring the practitioner of yoga into a oneness unity with the Universe.

This is where the New Age idea of Oneness comes in and that we are one and many and why in the movie the Matrix for example Neo is called The One. Many other movies do the same. It is a practice that comes from Hinduism as foundational and branches into other Hindu based Eastern Religions like Buddhism etc, and is specifically tailored for spiritual experience. Regardless of what anyone tells you, the very leaders of Hinduism make it very clear what Yoga is about. Yogi Baba Prem who is a Vedavisharada trained in the traditional gurukural system and has authored several books and has had numerous articles published states this about Yoga.

Allowing one part to be taken from Hinduism opens a door for the distortion of the teachings. We must remember that the roots to modern day yoga comes from Vedic Yoga. The same Vedic Yoga that is the authority of Hinduism. Scholars at universities should take the stand that yoga is part of Hinduism, though one is required to be a Hindu to practice yoga. One does need to be Hindu to practice yoga, but it is clear from historical evidence that Yoga comes from Hinduism.

Tiwari in Hinduism Today states. Its techniques were not adopted by Hinduism, but originated from it. The effort to separate yoga from Hinduism must be challenged because it runs counter to the fundamental principles upon which yoga itself is premised, the yamas restraints and niyamas observances.

Efforts to separate yoga from its spiritual centre reveal ignorance of the goal of yoga. Above: Explaining the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Yoga is also much more, as it was intended by the Vedic seers as an instrument which can lead one to apprehend the Absolute, Ultimate Reality, called the Brahman Reality, or God.

Many asanas are based on postures that honour Hindu deities who manifest themselves in forms such as the sun, the tiger, the tree, the snake, etc. Gordon Melton, New Age Encyclopedia, p. So we are dealing with Sun and Moon worship. Hatha Yoga refers to the practice of bringing harmony to the two main energies in the human body — the energy of the moon and the energy of the sun. Our consciousness continuously flows through this central spinal channel. This concept is practiced in rapid breathing exercises by blocking the left nostril breathing in through the right nostril and then blocking the right nostril and breathing out as it is surmised the energy of the sun runs through the energy lines of the body to the right nostril and the energy of the moon runs through alternate lines of energy to the left nostril.

It is a shame that those who suffer allergies are restricted in their spiritual development. This is called conditioning. Yoga is not a technique for relaxation or fitness. It is an ancient religious technique designed for spiritual reasons. Spiritual reasons that have serious consequences. You may obtain relaxation and fitness as a secondary by product but it is not the primary objective. We just mentioned the primary objective as religious and spiritual.

And any benefit you obtain will certainly be offset by the spiritual component as you will shortly see. The current climate which is all about relaxation, stress reduction supported by educational institutions for kids and adults. The beginner must develop four basic abilities: relaxation , concentration, visualization, and projection. Relaxation is important because any form of tension blocks energy.

Just consider the TV shows over the last 5 years and see how they push this agenda. Our society has been sped up to generate stress, our food, water and air have been polluted on purpose to change human beings. The re-modelling of the human organism by means of hormones. Control of heredity and sex by the manipulation of genes and chromosomes… The arousing and harnessing of the unfathomable intellectual and effective powers still latent in the human mass… Is not every kind of effect produced by a suitable arrangement of matter?

And have we not reason to hope in the end we shall be able to arrange every kind of matter, following the results we have obtained in the nuclear field? This sentence I emboldened because it is something we know for sure that is in our foods today and is changing boys into girls, visa versa, and maturing girls at younger ages. But promote it as a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of Yoga is, through physical and mental exercises, to encourage and promote spiritual energy to move you through different stages of growth, physically disabling or tuning out the 5 senses psychologically in changing your mind and spiritually unity with the ALL whilst also being a matter of something not just theoretical or physical benefit but also something you experience spiritually.

This energy goes by various terms but one is Kundalini, which can be awakened by various asanas. For example:. This Kundalini Force rises up through what are called Chakras which are spiritual energy centres which number 7 all the way to the top of the head. The term Chakra means wheel. It has been described in great detail in the Upanishads. Kundalini Yoga is supposed to be supreme in all the Yogas. Guru Vashistha asserted that Kundalini is the seat of absolute knowledge.

The awareness of the presence of this primordial energy Kundalini within the human body was considered by the sages and saints to be the highest knowledge. The Kundalini and Chakras have been vividly described in Vedic and Tantric texts. Eliade tells us that Kundalini moves in the central channel of the spine susumna by the force aroused by the mind, the prana is drawn upward through the susumna as a needle draws a thread. Kundalini is awakened by yoga positions and breath withholding until the prana becomes absorbed in the Void Sunya ; that is in mahasukha, the Great Bliss which destroys all sins.

He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Does Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God take away sin or does being absorbed in the void, the Great Bliss destroy all sins? All cultures world wide worship the serpent. There is only one text that warns us about the serpent the Word of God, the Bible. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Kundalini meaning coiled. The objective of the Yogic exercises is to encourage this serpent to uncoil and rise up through spine. And specific breathing exercises are practiced to infuse the soul with cosmic energy floating in the air.

Now this Kundalini is fanned into flame by something called Prana which is also called Life Force or Breath which is in all things aka Star Wars for example. The conditioning of the people has been on going for many decades. It is a false fire and not of the Holy Spirit as He is depicted in Acts also as fire. This is why role playing games and in some computer games, magic characters have to rebuild their Mana to fire again or to cast another spell. Understand Mana has no relation to the Mana the Israelites ate for 40 years in the wilderness after leaving Egypt. Even in jest.

Things are far more serious than we would like to admit. If he is not a person then He is impersonal and does not care for you, but since God is a person He cares for us and died for us. The answer to that is clearly incantations, spells and mantras. Which is the dark sentences of witchcraft. The Dragon can be viewed as a winged serpent. From the perspective of the history of religions the serpent is a symbol of the earth and the underworld. The eagle and birds in general are symbols of the heavens. The dragon is a unity of these two fundamental principles.

In China the dragon is a symbol of Tao, that which is beyond all terms and all polarities Yin and Yang but also is the force behind all. The Dragon represents the unknown and the hidden energy in man and in nature. The Dragon is the principle of clear seeing: the ability to see things in a new light as they really are, beyond all illusions. For this reason the dragon has great wisdom and power in the myths. The wisdom of the dragon is symbolized by the treasure it guards or the pearl that the dragon carries in his mouth. In Yoga the dragon is called the Kundalini, the force that is hidden inside man.

The Draconian path strives to make this unconscious force and knowledge conscious. This is not the only reference to the Dragon, and it specifically comes up repeatedly in The Book of Revelation as an enemy of Gods people. This same site discussing the Red Dragon goes on to explain on which path they travel with their yoga stating.

We are also using a certain form of Rune yoga where the forces of the runes are used. The goal with our yoga and meditation is to awake the latent inner force that is called Kundalini in the Tantra. Within the occult there are only 3 ways, the right hand path, the left hand path or the middle way.

The broad way is the middle way, a way that can incorporate many ways, it is inclusive. The way of Jesus Christ is the Narrow Way. It is exclusive and is the little considered one way, a way that many try to claim is the middle way. Be not deceived, it most certainly is not. Not an uncommon practise in the past. Yet there seems to be considerable evidence that there was a primary Patanjali who at least commenced the process of systematisation. None the less, the details of the history are quite irrelevant as they only deal with speculation and conjecture.

Let us prostrate before Patanjali, an incarnation of Adisesa, whose upper body has a human form, whose arms hold a conch and a disc, and who is crowned by a thousand-headed cobra. Hence Patanjali came to this earth to give this knowledge of yoga which came to be known as the Yoga Sutras. More of the story speaks of Gonika, who thinks her earthly life was at its end, had searched for a worthy son to whom she could transmit her knowledge. But she had found no one. When her penance tapas come to an end, she looked to the Sun God and prayed to Him to fulfil her desire.

She took a handful of water, as a final oblation to Him, closed her eyes and meditated on the Sun. She opened her eyes and looked at her palms as she was about to offer the water. There she saw a tiny snake moving in her palms who took on human form. This tiny human male prostrated to yogini Gonika and asked her to accept him as her son. Thus, she named him Patanjali. Pata means fallen or falling and Anjali means palms folded in prayer.

This idea of the snake is most interesting for in Indian Culture and Hinduism the snakes are called Nagas. But there is another aspect of the Nagas which was more important for the imagination of the people; they were probably regarded as guarding or possessing treasures, and assuming the shape of snakes. This is how Sage Patanjali is said to have come into this mortal world. Equally the story displays elements parallel to the Christian Scriptures in that this Patanjali fell pat from heaven. If so, this would make him not only the grandson of the Creator of the universe, but also the brother of Brhaspati, god of wisdom and eloquence and chief offerer of sacrifices.

It both calls students to practice and announces the imminent ending of the world as they have so far known it. But the door to Their entrance must be opened by humanity itself and it will be opened by a united act of the will, expressed through some formula of words and expressed in sound.

Again quoting scripture this time from Ezekiel again examine the symmetry. Here we have Tyrus used as another name for Lucifer. Namely Iniquity was found in him that is uniquely within compared to without. I do not wish to go further into this as this suffices. It is equally difficult to establish further connections without wading too deep into Hindu mythology but what I have presented here I hope establishes a clear division from the teaching in Hinduism and Christianity.

Buddha teaches an 8 fold path, and Buddhism derived from Hinduism but does not take the Vedas as authority. It is most likely the 12 poses reference the months of the year or the zodiac, though in Eastern traditions the Zodiac can be Though that is much of a muchness since traditionally 13 is considered as 12 in many cultures, for example, Israel had 13 tribes called the 12 tribes, in English culture we have the bakers dozen.

I post this letter for you edification and education regarding how dangerous Rick Warren is. It thus comes that I must express my great distress of spirit and soul within this exceedingly lengthy letter, to which I ask forgiveness. I would have structured this better if I spent more time on it but the truth contained is far more important and I thus leave it in the hands of the Lord to minister accordingly.

This being a matter of such serious importance I found it essential to investigate this matter beyond my working knowledge at the time, to ensure what I conveyed to you was as correct and up to date as possible. I thought my knowledge on this matter was sufficient but have come to realise it was merely the visible portion of the iceberg once the detail is considered. I have delayed in the issuing of this letter for far too long and I apologise as it is not for me to hold back these words I am compelled to speak forth. A process that has not been brought to fruition by accident but by careful planning and criminal intent against our Christ and His God over the last years and toward the beginning of time.

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. There are two conspiracies, two old time religions and two sets of forefathers to which we can turn. Romans 9. Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.

Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain. Man made philosophies are designed for that exact same purpose. The prophets were telling lies to make the people feel good, rather than address the root of the problems, ie: repent and do righteously. Now my children desire continued fellowship with yourselves, and even one whom seems to possess no desire for any godly input or religion has specifically requested to come to further services. The very age of the members of this congregation has also provided me with a heightened expectation that the Word of God is honoured, that the foundations of this church which both John Bunyan and John Owen were members would still possess and proclaim the same truth in an unequivocal manner.

In the event you may think I am off my rocker as you may be tempted to think, remember Paul in Acts was also considered mad to which he responded. Some of the things I discuss may upset you, other things I say may sound incredulous, but I am especially one who does not appreciate things being said without backing it up. I have made especially sure to back up as much as possible with quotes, references from as many primary sources as possible. I hope my words are taken in the spirit in which I intend, though my humanity may fall through the cracks of my imperfections please entreat this letter with the same graciousness I wish to entreat yourselves with.

I am not at all concerned at the way you preach, nor question the reasons for why you preach, but I am concerned about what is preached. I make no foolish assumptions, nor jump to foolish conclusions, but I assume that you are aware there are some who do not like Rick Warren. I do not know what reasons they have but I know the reasons I have and they far exceed a simple matter of disdain for the shallowness of some personality clash.

This is in the category of immeasurable danger. Though you may know of some possibly pathetic reasons, maybe even nit picky reasons for some peoples dislike, I on the contrary, care not for nit picking. Instead I find no Gnats to strain but rather if sufficient investigation into the matter be conducted, which would be pertinent under the circumstances, there will be found an aggressively cancerous camel.

As you move through this letter you will find the evidence building to an apex. I have not gone hard hitting at first, so if you think I have no evidence, push through as it will become self-evident. From the outset I do not deny the possibility that Rick Warren may be devoted to his Church and believes sincerely what he is doing is right. In fact it is the utter conviction of sincerely believing in what we are doing that we can come upon dangerous ground.

Just as in Cult Mind Control studies, the worst form of brain washing is self indoctrination, the voluntary submission to what one reads, listens to and watches. This is the most difficult to break. The sermon that I heard preached on 13th March deeply concerned me as it did my wife for a number of reasons. These are my reasons. Rick Warren also wrote the foreword to this book. Rick Warren forces the signing of a contract in his church even saying on pg 84 of Purpose Driven Life. Consider this spirited loveless treatment of dissenters by Southerland, the book to which Warren wrote the foreword:.

Let me put it plainer than that. Sanballat is a leader from hell. We all have some Sanballats in our churches. This is the guy who opposes whatever you propose…. You cannot call this guy a leader from hell to his face — but you could call him Sanballat. Makes me think of the curse Benny Hinn blasted against his critics. You are in danger. Or God Almighty will move His hand. I personally have had people pray against me calling me Satan or saying I was possessed, so I guess it shows what similarities in spirit such people have.

Such emotive responses to this transitioning, be it for or against, is a clear marker of the divisiveness of the movement. The methods and pragmatic outworking of taking someone from one viewpoint and bringing them across to one they originally would consider abhorrent. This process is usually one that cannot be achieved in totality with one generation, it takes two or three generations.

You will find Rick Warrens plan is to spend 40 years on this process. Exactly the same amount of time as Robert Schuller said he would spend in ministry. I do not drop that name by accident. Doubtless, the first generation will not be wholly ours; but the second will nearly belong to us, and the third entirely. Yes the people are the vast domain we have to conquer; and when we are free to cultivate it after our own way, we will make it fructify to the profit of the impoverished granary of the holy city.

Rick Warren has put this into practice over 20 years and now encourages others to do likewise. This book says. Usually the individual emerges from such re-evaluation with a new strength and sureness, grounded in purpose. This driving process occurs via forces and devices unseen throughout history. Forces and process I will discuss. It appears that we have forgotten history when we hear words of such ilk from one so respected as Spurgeon, even to Rick Warren himself. Such echoes can still be perceived, but more pressing entertainments are far more comforting to our ears a century or more later.

Let then those who profess to despise Theosophy, the fair child of early Aryan thought and Alexandrian Neo-Platonism, bow before the monstrous Fiend of the Age, but let them not forget at the same time its history. The problem is Madam Blavatsky was proposing that if we have disdain for Jesuitism, then we should naturally gravitate towards Theosophy. Not a few 19th and 20th Century Personalities fell for such a view, others though displayed equal fraternity with both camps. A sad state of affairs that very likely a good number of those who knew about the history of the Jesuits and desired to resist them, have found their energies harnessed by their adversary only to help those they willed to harm.

Fact is both powers are seen in hindsight coalescing in Adolf Hitler, basing his Reich on the Jesuits whilst educated in Theosophy and adopting its pagan worship. Let it be, though Europe will very soon experience, and is already so experiencing, the heavy hand of the latter. Two sides of the same coin. This is called Hegelianism, Thesis vs Antithesis producing a synthesis. These opposed forces are displayed here. We are played like fools, like puppets on strings. Those strings are those sinful tendencies in us that enables us to be manipulated and guided like a ship on tumultuous waters.

History has shown us the game of opposing ones own creation. The Vatican opposed Freemasonry, now they accept it. Freemasonry and Theosophy were seen as partners against the Jesuits. History shows they all work towards the same goal, use the same symbols and oaths, and have the same master. This may seem irrelevant to the discussion at hand. If you persist with this you will see it is nothing but relevant. This was that we must not trust in vain philosophy. Having had surety established that vain philosophy is not going to be preached the mind becomes blind to the preaching of the very same.

Instead of hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ or something remotely related to it we had Matrix type philosophical concepts thrown at us, vain philosophies of man. This is existentialism. No person takes in information the same nor interprets the said information the same, due to emotions, knowledge, biases colouring our views, differences in neural wiring. These statements are terribly concerning because they sound very much like 33rd Degree Mason Albert Pike in his Morals and Dogma. What a dangerous road to be skipping down. Those words and thought sound so similar.

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Is it possible that such concepts have seeded themselves and have taken root already. The bible is not a self help book providing answers for everyone, but Rick Warren has presented his book and the Word of God as just that, a guide to Human Potential. The issue is not what is you life but what does God will? It will take generations to let go of our genetically coded tendency to soak up all images as though they are percent real.

And think if we do manage to do that, what will we have? Creatures who cannot believe in their senses and who take everything as it comes, since nothing can be directly experienced. It is such a conditioning that allows easy access for belief systems like Hinduism to take a hold. One teaching is that everything is maya: an illusion. This then separates our body and the physical world the illusory one from the spiritual the real one. This separation then makes it perfectly simple for Gnostic teaching to flood the church, which is exactly what is happening. Undermining reality, destroying the morality and values we have to create a vacuum and then fill it with something new is the process we have been undergoing.

They say that we are building a society without values, that we are abandoning our values. Well, we are abandoning our values. We ought to abandon our values. We ought to have only one value. What works? And that assessment is dependent on what your trying to do. He preached metaphysics and Hinduism to the West and mixed it with medical terminology. This did not come as the conclusion of the sermon.

This is stepping on dangerous ground. The Deity is thus not an object of knowledge, but of faith; not to be approached by the understanding, but by the moral sense; not to be conceived, but to be felt. Both avenues of argument are wrong. How do we know we are experiencing the Deity or Satan? And can we completely know God in his infiniteness?

God knows we are terminally between a rock and a hard place and thus he has given us His Word and came in the flesh as the Word. Anything else is subterfuge. A good explanation of this very outcome of pursuing experience in relation to what Rick Warren is doing follows. This is named after the Doctor. Dr Mehmet Oz is a believer of Sweedenborgism. There is a clear plan of action being carried through the decades and clearly there are strong influences directing these outcomes.

Warren has a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, he is networked into the Fuller funding line that includes the Rockefeller Foundation, the Luce Foundation Henry Luce was a high-ranking Freemason , the Lilly Endowment Lilly is a major manufacturer of psychological pharmaceuticals , as well as the Association of Theological Schools. Did you know Fuller Seminary received funding from these power brokers? Rockefeller is also a major funder of the CFR, Lucis Trust, and has quietly been funding the changes to health.

Pertinent issues later discussed. I raise this question because Rick Warren is compiling a Database on all his members health history and other information. Is Lily Endowment involved in benefiting from this information? It is very important you read this document discussing this matter and look deeper, as this is new information for me too and I have not had time to fully digest it, but just those names should shake you good and proper to something afoot, also considering similar examples in history.

Rick Warren with these doctors support and endorse meditation, stress reduction over salvation , having felt needs met more therapeutic than theological and so on. Catch words bandied about like sustainability etc. It is not The Churches responsibility to promote the current fads of each generation so why do Saddleback and their Driven clones? Marylyn Ferguson quotes one writer from Meditation that Rick Warren denies is being taught. What in the world is that? This has actually become a controversial word.

The Bible talks about meditation and commands it. It is interesting to note the mocking attitude in this. Larry King clearly understood what Rick Warren was saying in an interview with him stating. Some examples of Eastern concepts of which both his books are replete with are:. Double violence done. Plus a plethora of other examples you need to examine yourselves. Wait on a minute then. Is he for real? Sophia of the Gnostics or the Holy Ghost as a female principle. When I later quote David Spangler you should be very concerned if you connect the dots. Little by little we are permeating the clinical fabric of treatment here.

These remarks came from a letter sent to the author of The Aquarian Conspiracy in response to a questionnaire sent out. Rick Warren has taken several years since his Purpose books before introducing this new step in this Health direction. These are just some of which are being encouraged by churches and Rick Warren today.

It will not be long before you see the others come into the fray. Taking a scripture and repeating it is not Biblical Mediation just because the words you repeat are from the Bible. I mean what is the Rosary? Breath Prayers are a ritual. The Aquarian Conspiracy gives us good insight into the use of health in a deceptive manner to bring about a shift stating.

The grant making apparatus of government determines fashion in some research fields… Government represents an incalculably large source of energy: people, money, authority. This explains why science is starting to find and support Eastern and Hindu concepts.

See how all these things are coming together. That is how science is pulling at one thread of the net being weaved together. They are looking right now to prove God in every cell and atom. But also consider how morality is changing too. Values have to change. Most of the structures are built and designed, it only requires pulling together. It stating. He knew that he was also unlikely to get approval for teaching the relaxation-response technique adapted by Herbert Benson of Harvard from Transcendental Meditation.

The meditative technique, cleansed of ideology, was a smash. Notice that initially when something is unpalatable, it must be made palatable. The word of God tells us. We immerse ourselves in the imaginings of people we do not know by watching TV and movies just for starters. Though we do not notice it they war against the spirit of God in us. Satanist Anton LaVey states. Mystical experiences are the path of subjectivity. Notice it is about taste.

The gospel of Christ is unpalatable. It is hard if preached in truth as dying to self and taking up ones cross. It is an offence, and thus how many in the church want a mixed religion to make it more palatable? Iniquity tastes good to man. Your own desires cannot be trusted. The only source of trustworthy revelation is the Word of God, as it can be verified and has been verified over thousands of years and is verified in your life as you live it.

Illustration Art Gallery: Artists' biographical notes

So what Rick Warren is doing is following a pre-set plan, a script most likely written for him to follow regarding Purpose and Health. Understand the pursuit for health is not wrong, but as a Pastor why is he not referring to the health God gives to us by seeking first His Kingdom?

Why is he not discussing the corrupt practices of corporate food giants, genetic engineering, chemicals, the illegality of the people to raise their own chickens, eggs, veggies and obtaining unpasteurised milk from farmers in the US? What about in Australia.

Religion, Spirituality and Everyday Practice

Wake Up. Rick Warren is not about you waking up. He is about you going to sleep. All wholeness is the same. The proliferating holistic health centers and networks have drawn many into the consciousness movement. Altered states of consciousness accompany it, increased telepathy.

By reading this, God has reminded me of my past, and from what He has led me from and to. As you will see with all these new developments, The Daniel Health Plan is only the entry point to what is fully intended in ten to twenty years time. This desire to experience God is a lack of faith on our part. I asked if she had been doing anything new and it turned out she was involved in some yoga and guided imagery. She was being taught by her English teacher during lunch. She explained that she was to meet her guide and she went down a winding garden path into the centre of this rich beautiful garden.

At the middle of it she met her guide. I asked her to describe the guide. She said it was half man half animal. Had hoofs like a goat and horns. I told her to wait and I went to get a role playing magazine I had filed away some years back and showed her the glossy front cover of Pan. You met Pan or Hermes. Rick Warren can make light of the fact he is leading Christians into dangerous territory. Which will show they are not the people of God. After enticing Israel to fornicate with the women of Moab, and up until Phineas dealt with it, children of Israel had died by plague.

Whilst under the blood of Christ, should we be foolish to then tempt the grace of God and fornicate spiritually? Many unacquainted with balanced Theology would forget or ignore Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5. Ananias meaning Yahweh has graciously given. Yahweh also took away! See I have had my experiences too, but in all occasions I have also had to apply them to scripture and not apply too much weight to them. Since the experiences I have had are quite extreme.

We cannot let experience undermine scripture. Instead experience tends to being puffed up, as being special, thinking you have special knowledge. Lucifer, then, is neither good or bad in his true essence. He is completely neutral. Stop pursuing experience and start pursuing God. That image is your life metaphor. It determines your expectations, your values, your relationships, your goals, and your priorities. And so to whom do we turn to obtain such sentiments? Consider occult psychologist Carl Jung who also states.

Brogden, November Rick Warren draws from Carl Jung in his psychological profiling. Amazingly Rick Warren has been questioned on this matter and the official response has been that he has not drawn from Carl Jung. Who are they kidding? Also do your own investigation to find out whom Jung was in contact with spiritually. This is but one example of many that need to be understood. Yet to be able to support such wisdom of men and vain philosophies, Rick Warren has had to choose from numerous Modern Translations.

Even then with the vast choice available, he has to frequently do great violence to scripture wresting it out of shape, choose corrupt translations even more corrupt than translations 20 years ago citing chopped up then re-formed portions of verses and taking things completely out of context. In all, 15 different translations are used in his book. These versions themselves contain, unbeknown to most Ministers of the gospel, let alone the average pew warmer, occult phrases only insiders know, abhorrent doctrines, and encourage sinful practices.

Though this may be true, it is also true to say that 20 years ago his book would have been unacceptable to virtually ALL fundamental, and evangelical churches. With the adoption of new translations, the acceptance of dynamic equivalence, and the erosion of the knowledge base of the general church population, only now is it possible. Without this the only people his message would have resounded would have been those considered liberals, heretics or blasphemers.

And that he does at a stretch. Let me give some brief examples of which there are hundreds enough to run a course maybe called Modern Textual Corruption Techniques but relevant to what I will be discussing. Grace removed. Checking what Rick Warren quotes. Check the actual translation from which he says he quotes for the relevant quote.

Check this against other translations. More importantly check against the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. They virtually depend on no one doing the hard yards. Bob DeWaay, by the way, claims to have found only one proper exegesis of scripture by Warren and in turn asks a most pertinent question:. Paul knew that even in his time there were those who could not or did not expound the truth correctly and called it for what it was saying he.

I have personally been through the NIV and the New World Translation back in and found virtually no difference, to which there is good reason and a logical explanation which I can discuss at some other time. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. This of course means nothing like New Order, but at the very least a reordering to a former state like resetting a broken bone, to straighten thoroughly aka restoring man to a right condition with God ie: Jesus as the new Adam.

Again this is not proposing something New but something better, or fulfilled. This is an intentional, subtle preparation of the mind for NIV readers to become more familiar and more comfortable with the term New Order thus New World Order. The Bible was originally written using 11, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words, but the typical English translation uses only around 6, words. Please understand, examining the original languages is still critical, as a translation is not inspiration.

One without limitations. In fact there are 8, different Hebrew words in the Bible, 5, different Greek words. Thus picking and choosing verses, making your own translation, or in the case of Rick Warren picking his translation in every instance where it proves his point or wrenching even his translation of choice out of alignment to meet his opinion clearly shows what he is about.

There are serious deep problems to this statement. People not called by the Father unto the Son This of course has proven the opposite. Christians are more carnal then ever, churches are more carnal than ever, and Christians know less and less of the Word of God year by year. The same false assumption the Government has in regards to Drugs and Sex.

Education, they think, is the answer. By being able to connect with these people so they understand, people will not do drugs and the like. This discounts the fact that some are ordained for destruction from the foundation of the Earth. The more I read scripture and it becomes more familiar the more I perceive.

It at times appears like a deep pool of water that I could almost dive into and never fathom its depth, breadth or width. Like Thomas Jefferson did with the Gospels. As we grow in Christ and dive into the eternal depths of His Word we find eternal truth, amazing discoveries that connect to all God has created, how prophecy has been fulfilled and is being fulfilled, and how we should live. Even my comments though cannot do justice for what is contained in His Word. Please tell me how is this different from the deception in the garden. The serpent was only helping Eve see Gods truth in a fresh new way.

According to the serpent, God was holding Eve back from a greater Purpose. That she could become god. Equally Rick Warren does the same, turning the gospel upside down from God centred to man centred. His picking and choosing translations and smaller excepts from verses is not unlike the way a cult operates and even a glib examination of how he runs his Saddleback Church shows strong evidence of Cult Control. It is also worth examining others on this topic to gain greater insight on this matter.

This is very concerning because Rick Warrens reach is immense. Over , pastors just to start with. These are old figures. This is how change is affected. Trickle down of teaching from the top to the grass roots. Ministers attending conferences, with various speakers whose real backgrounds and influences no one knows and no one investigates nor has the time to investigate , these new teachings are brought to the church and infects the members and cross infects to other ministers who network with other ministers.

In the new millennium, Ayers has continued to draw occasionally, contributing pin-ups and a number of short stories to benefit and tribute comics Actor Comics Presents, , The 3-Minute Sketchbook, ; The Uncanny Dave Cockrum , Ayers' son, Rich, has also drawn comics. Chris Bachalo born August 23, Chris Bachalo is an American comic book illustrator known for his quirky, cartoon-like style.

Beginning in April, Chris illustrated his creator-owned series Steampunk. Bachalo was born in Canada but was raised in Southern California. He has told interviewers that, as a child, he wanted to be a carpenter until he discovered he was allergic to dust. He attended the California State University at Long Beach, where he majored in graphic art and illustrated a few underground comics.

After graduation, Bachalo sought work in the mainstream comic book industry. His first published assignment was The Sandman 12 Jan. Although before working on that issue, DC had already hired him as the regular artist for Shade, the Changing Man, an older property revived as an adult-oriented series by writer Peter Milligan. His early s style is minimalist with strong, thick lines, quirky characters and little concern for realism. Bachalo did not shy away from detailed landscapes but showed a rare penchant for pages with many small panels. Based on the success and fanfare from X-Men Unlimited 1, in , Bachalo ended his stint on Shade and began working for Marvel Comics.

He then illustrated the first three issues of Ghost Rider , one of in a line of series reinventing popular Marvel characters in the year He also drew a cover for Runaways. The group Lobdell and Bachalo created, Generation X, was purposely bizarre and idiosyncratic because the two wanted to avoid the recent trend in superhero teams, where each team member represented a recognizable stock character. Bachalo illustrated the series through much of its first three years, taking a break in late and early to illustrate the second Death miniseries, Death: The Time of Your Life.

Heavily influenced by Joe Madureira, Bachalo's characters became more cartoony and manga-like, with large eyes, heads and hands. He gravitated towards extremes in anatomy, drawing characters that were previously portrayed as bulky, short, or thin as even more so. In , Bachalo launched Steampunk, a comic book series inspired by the genre of fiction of the same name, which emulates early science fiction and in an alternate version of the early s.

The series was criticized for Bachalo's overly detailed pencils, small panels and muddy dark coloring, which sometimes made it difficult to discern what was happening. Similarly, Joe Kelly's writing was not as straightforward as a mass audience typically preferred. Contrarily, the book's supporters praised it for those same reasons, as well as for the sheer imagination of the characters and story.

The series, intended to be 25 issues, ended prematurely after the second story arc in issue In an attempt to humanize Steve Rogers, the pair managed to split fans opinions fairly resoundingly with both leaving the title - Morales 10 issues short of his intended contract for the series. He was often filled-in for by artist Humberto Ramos, however.

Bachalo has also pencilled and coloured a number of cards for the Vs. These have been renditions of both Marvel and DC characters. On top of his continuing work for Marvel, Bachalo finished issue 7 of Comicraft's Elephantmen, an issue 4 years in the making. The issue was done entirely in double-page spreads and marks his reunion with Steampunk writer Joe Kelly. Bachalo has also been one of the four artists who was originally part of the Spider-Man Relaunch. Antonio Fabela is a regular colorist of Bachalo's work. Source: Wikipedia.

Geoffrey William Backhouse 16 November - 1 August ; b. Holywell, Flintshire, Wales In , Backhouse began drawing Strongheart the Magnificent for Comic Life , the comic strip adventures of a magnificent German Shepherd modelled on a canine Hollywood film star. Strongheart, one of the earliest adventure strips to regularly appear in British comics, continued his adventures when Comic Life was relaunched as My Favourite and would continue to appear, drawn by a number of different artists, until After the war, Backhouse illustrated a number of books for Collins, including Mr.

Backhouse subsequently contributed many wildlife illustrations to Look and Learn and Treasure , appearing in the former from onwards. Some of his most notable contributions were for a series of short animal stories written by F. Mars, Alan C. Jenkins and F. Turnbull that appeared in He died in Tollington Park, London N4, in Backhouse art. Jim Baikie Baikie began his career illustrating Valentine for Fleetway. Over the next twenty years, he built a solid reputation working for TV comics such as Look-in, including adaptations of The Monkees and Star Trek , all scripted by Angus P.

Baikie also worked extensively in girls' comics such as Jinty. In the s, he drew The Twilight World in Warrior. In Britain, he is probably best known for collaborating with Alan Moore on Skizz , a reworking of the film E. Baikie has also worked extensively in the United States, on superhero strips such as Batman and The Spectre. A new collaboration with Alan Moore also appeared in the guise of the First American.

Jim Baikie art. There followed various careers in photography, journalism and television. The latter was shooting television commercials on film and hosting a children's television show. He then entered the field of aviation art, and became known worldwide in the genre for creating oil paintings of military action and having the veterans sign lithographs made from them.

Movie producer George Lucas came across Robert's aviation art website and asked him to work on Star Wars. Lucas was sufficiently impressed by Robert's work to purchase originals for his private collection. Robert has gone on to create similar work for sale at comic conventions. His favourite characters are C3PO and Yoda, although he recreates the full spectrum of Star Wars characters in pencil.

He is now retired from oil painting but finds that pencil is more fluid and scenes can be created far faster this way. The number of fans at Comic-Cons who purchase Robert's original movie creations has increased in leaps and bounds over the past four years, and he loves to meet all of the fans who attend. Besides being a licensed Star Wars and Disney artist, Robert is now also licensed for Marvel characters, after having been approached by the Marvel licensor.

Characters are mostly The Avengers and Spider Man. Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, says that Robert is his favourite artist.

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Source: Robert Bailey. Bill Baker Bill Baker is something of a mystery artist. Although it is possible to track his work through various comics over a twenty-year period, very little is known about the artist himself. He first appears with one-off stories in Top Spot , followed by a brief serial, New Rider at Clearwater , and illustrations for Girl in Rider Haggard, Bill Baker art. James Bama born 28 April ; USA James Bama is an American artist whose work encompasses two major strands: his Western paintings and what can be described - but not dismissively - as pulp art.

To the collector, his name is inextricably linked with the adventures of Doc Savage and the paperback covers he illustrated during his time as a commercial artist.

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He then turned to fine art, which proved even more rewarding commercially and raised his status to Artist and earned him comparisons with Norman Rockwell and N. James E. Bama was born in Manhattan on 28 April , the second son of Benjamin Bama, a Russian-born apron salesman, and his wife Selma, also the daughter of Russian immigrants. Army Air Corps' Eastern Flying Training Command unit in , where he worked as a mechanic and physical training instructor, as well as painting murals.

He became known especially for the 62 covers he painted for Bantam Books' reprints of Doc Savage pulp magazine stories. Clark Savage Jr had been the star of full-length adventures in the pages of Doc Savage Magazine , of them written by prolific pulpster Lester Dent. Bama gave Doc a buzz cut, replacing the kiss-curl of his pulp days, and beefed him up, using Steve Holland, a muscular fashion model who had starred in the Flash Gordon TV series in , as the basis for his vision of Doc Savage. The books sold incredibly well and all stories were reprinted between and Although much of his early work was Western covers for the likes of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey, Bama quickly expanded his cover art repertoire to include everything from contemporary novels, thrillers, romances and non-fiction.

Lovelace and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Bama then changed tack after first visiting Wyoming in ; he and his wife, Lynn, a photographer whom he met in , moved permanently to Cody, Wyoming, in During this period he transited from illustration to making more personal works, often inspired by his new surroundings. Much of his work was of contemporary Western and Native American subjects ; wildlife and mountain men feature against stunning Wyoming backdrops.

Bama is inspired by real inhabitants of the state, visiting reservations and meeting trappers and cowboys; his prices rapidly escalated and, within three years, he was making far more than he had as an illustrator. He also sought inspiration in travel, to China, Mexico, Tibet and Turkey. His work is to be found in the collections of Clint Eastwood, Nicholas Cage and Malcolm Forbes as well as numerous galleries. Bama, who has lived in Wapati, Wyoming, since , remains a keen on physical training, regularly doing heavy exercise even in his eighties.

He is a keen reader and movie viewer. Of Greek Cypriot descent, and speaking only Greek, he has said that it was the discovery of comics at the age of four that helped him learn English, although this form of education was not appreciated by some. One English teacher was thoroughly frustrated that he was always reading comics and his collection - with TV21 being his comic of choice - was thrown out by his mother along with his Marvels and DCs!!

This only led to him becoming more determined to create his own comics. In he co-founded the on-line comic Aces Weekly with David Lloyd. Edgar Henry Banger 27 February - ; Norwich, Norfolk, UK Edgar Henry Banger rhymes with 'danger' - or as he was known, Harry Banger - was born in Norwich, UK and was well known for his amazing cartoon illustrations from and most proficient through the s in which his colourful characters were included in comics such as Rattler, Dazzler, Rocket and Bouncer. His artwork was also well recognised through Norfolk, being a regular cartoonist for the local papers such as The Eastern Daily Press, Evening News and the Norwich City Football club paper The Pink Un, in which a lot of his tongue in cheek cartoons were mostly Football based.

He was famous for the characters Canary and Dumpling featuring debonair characters with a cartoon Canary or Dumpling head in the Norwich city Colours. He did most of his work from home in his small studio room in the back of the terrace house that he lived in at Wood Street Norwich, with his wife Maud Banger, daughter Yvonne, and sons Ray and Neville. He died in at the age of Source: ukcomics. Severino Baraldi born , Italy Severino Baraldi was born on 10 December in Sermide, a small village 50 kilometres from Mantova in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

As a boy, he entertained customers of the local barber by with his chalk drawings on the pavement. He worked as a carpenter, drawing cartoons for a local paper whose editor encouraged him to seek his fortune in the capital of the Lombardy region. Ulisse and Ciuffo Biono were praised by the reviewer for Radiotelevisione Italiana for their elegant illustrations, which helped to establish the name of the artist who often signed his work with the abbreviation Bar.

At the same time, Baraldi was illustrating the story of Marco Polo and, for Milan publisher Casa Editirice, a variety of other books for children. For seven years, Baraldi was also a prolific illustrator for the British magazine Look and Learn. More recently, Baraldi illustrated biographies of musicians Dvorak and Verdi for a publisher in Taiwan. In all, Baraldi has contributed to over books and produced 7, illustrations.

The village of Sermide dedicated an exhibition to his work in June He continued to work for Famiglia Cristiana and Il Giornalino until retiring a few years ago. Now he is content to be a family man, the father of three daughters and six grandchildren. Severino Baraldi art. Stefan Steven Barani Stefan Barany has proved to be a particularly elusive artist. Best known for his cover artwork for the Sexton Blake Library , he seems to have appeared almost nowhere else, although the cover art from a issue of Princess Picture Library has been offered by the Illustration Art Gallery.

Over the next few months he was the main Blake cover artist; a number of titles involved Barany combining images with other artists' work, including one image by Bruno Elettori, but primarily with Angel Badia Camps. His last cover was Lotus Leaves and Larceny, issue , April Stefan Barani art.

To Barks goes the praise for creating many of the inhabitants of Duckburg, the supporting cast featured in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories for which Barks was drawing in the s. Although he had a brother two years older , Barks described himself as a rather lonely child, his nearest neighbour being over half a mile away from his parents' farm. The local school had only eight or ten students although Barks later recalled that it offered a good education. In the family moved to Midland, Oregon, closer to the railroad, where they established a new stock-breeding farm.

The immediate success of this venture meant that within three years the family were able to move to Santa Rosa, California, where William began cultivating vegetables and orchards. Profits were slim and William's anxiety over their financial difficulties led to a nervous breakdown and the family returned to Merrill in In he moved to San Francisco, California, and found work with a small publishing firm. His early interest in drawing had been developed through a correspondence course, although Barks had only taken four lessons because he had so little free time.

Now in San Francisco and, in , married to Pearl Turner, he began selling drawings to newspapers. Despite returning to Merrill in with his growing family two daughters born in and , he continued to submit drawings and sold to Judge and the Calgery Eye-Opener. He and Pearl were divorced in and Barks met Clara Balken in Minneapolis and married her in He worked initially as an "inbetweener", drawing the movements of characters between key poses.

In , his success at submitting gags led to his transfer to the story department where he first worked on the Donald Duck cartoon Modern Inventions. Over the next few years he contributed to a number of Donald's cartoons, including the first appearance of Huey, Dewey and Louie in Donald's Nephews Barks suffered from sinus problems caused by the air conditioning in the Walt Disney art studio and left in Barks, did, however, establish himself with Dell's Walt Disney's Comics and Stories as both the author and artist of numerous stories.

Rockerduck and Magica De Spell During this time, Barks divorced his second wife and became acquainted with his third, Margaret Wynnfred Williams, known as Gare, who exhibited paintings locally. They married in Although Barks' work was published anonymously, his name became known to fans around He continued to draw strips until when he retired, although he was persuaded to script stories until the s. He painted in oils and exhibited and sold at local art shows. In , he was granted permission by Disney's Publications Department to paint scenes from his various stories.

When fans learned of this, Barks was inundated with requests and had to announce in that he was no longer taking commissions. Duck paintings by Barks began to attract large sums at auction and unauthorized prints led to Disney withdrawing permission from Barks. The ambitious Carl Barks Library was published in , the thirty volumes reprinting every Disney comic strip written or drawn by Barks. Barks appeared at his first Disney convention in and, in , embarked on an country tour of Europe. A retrospective of Barks' work was first held in and was shown around ten cities, attracting over , visitors.

In the s, Barks had moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, close to where he grew up. His wife died in March Barks survived a further seven years before he also died whilst undergoing chemotherapy for leukaemia, on 25 August , aged Carl Barks art. Ken Barr Ken Barr is famous for his many covers for Commando comics in the early s and for his many Marvel magazine covers in the s and s. He was also a prolific cartoon artist, his gags - populated by wide-eyed folk and often signed Lezz - appearing regularly from the mids in Punch, Private Eye, the Daily Sketch, Daily Mirror and the Spectator.

The character he made his own from the late s was I-Spy, in a serial in Sparky about a special agent whose face was hidden but whose cloak concealed myriad gadgets, used in animated fashion. Later, as IPC tried to re-energise the waning comic market with the irreverent Oink! A founder member of the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain in , with a then unknown Ronald Searle, he became treasurer for 20 years. He encouraged many young cartoonists to persevere in this most unsecure profession. Dad left school at 14 and was a dispatch rider with the Royal Corps of Signals as D-day neared.

A motorcycle accident led him to retrain as a draughtsman, and as a self-taught artist, he began submitting cartoons to publications in his spare time during a posting to Lagos, Nigeria. He worked as a war artist for the Sun during the Falklands conflict, thanks to a dearth of photos in the early stages.

Do You Believe in Magic? Part 5 – Magic, Sorcery and Symbols

He worked well into his 80s, having diversified into greetings cards and revisiting his talent for caricature as an on-the-spot artist at corporate events. He loved having an audience, once describing the best as "intelligent, well educated and a little drunk". He is survived by my mother, Dorothy, myself, and my siblings, Lisa, Peter and Samantha. Les Barton was born on 8 December in Wareham, Dorset. A self-taught artist, he started work at the age of fourteen as a telegraph clerk.

His first published cartoon appeared in the Militant Miner in After the war Les Barton worked as a photographic retouching artist and commercial artist in advertising, and also drew strips for IPC and D. Barton drew political cartoons and caricatures for The Statist in and , and during the Falkands War in he was staff war artist on the Sun. He died in Hayes, Middlesex, on 20 October Born in Essex in , and growing up in Leigh-on-Sea during the Second World War, he witnessed dogfights between British and German aircraft in the Essex skies and, even at the age of four, put pencil to paper to draw scenes of aerial combat.

The Essex coastline was one of the expected invasion points in Hitler's planned attack on a Britain softened up by the Luftwaffe, and Batchelor's early years were spent surrounded by fascinating military hardware, from tanks to machine guns. By the age of seven he could strip and reassemble a. He left home at 16, travelling for two years before performing his National Service with the R. Batchelor began drawing for the technical publications of Bristol Aircraft Co.

One of his last jobs for Saunders-Roe was on the plans for a nuclear-powered version of the ultimately cancelled ten-engined Princess flying-boat. In the early s he turned freelance, contributing to Model Maker and Model Cars. Some of his earliest drawings were cutaways for the Eagle comic; in all he produced 44 episodes making him the joint fourth most prolific contributor. His illustrations also appeared in Ranger and Tell Me Why.

He also worked for the far more prestigious markets, including Time-Life Books, which led to his involvement in one of the most ambitious projects in publishing history: Purnell's History of the Second World War. Launched in under the overall editorship of Sir Basil Liddell-Hart, this massive partwork--for which Batchelor producing a total of 1, illustrations--had sold 10 million copies by To celebrate this momentous achievement, Batchelor was presented, by Douglas Bader, a solid silver model of a British Saladin armoured car from his grateful publisher. He continued his association with Purnell as they launched History of the First World War and Encyclopedia of Modern Weapons and Warfare, which added to a total of almost 20 million copies sold.

Many of the illustrations were reprinted in book form during the s the bibliography below is likely to be incomplete and has also illustrated a wide range of other books--and continues to do so. He has also drawn countless illustrations for the American magazine, Popular Science and has had his paintings exhibited around the world. Since the mids, he has also produced artwork for postage stamps via the Crown Agency for 40 countries around the globe, including many for the British Commonwealth.

In he launched his own company, Publishing Solutions, to reprint selections of his work. Source: Steve Holland John Batchelor art. Bateman was noted for his "The Man Who His father had left England for Australia in at the age of 21 to seek his fortune, then returned to England briefly in before going back with an English wife. Soon after Henry was born, his strong-willed mother insisted that they return to London 'and civilisation'. He had one sister, Phyllis, three years younger. Henry was always drawing from an early age, consistently producing funny drawings that told stories.

He was inspired by comics, and he had a keen critical eye, and was enthusiastically drawing at every available moment. At the age of fourteen he had already decided that he would draw for publication. In , the cartoonist Phil May, in response to a letter from Rose, showed interest in his drawings, and that year he was inspired by an exhibition of black-and-white art at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

His father had initially decided that his son should follow him into business, but eventually, after many arguments between him and Rose, his father financed his study at the Westminster School of Art which he commenced at the age of sixteen. He did well, but was bored by the lifeless "life" classes and after qualifying at Westminster transferred his study to the New Cross Art School now the Goldsmith Institute. He also did some practical work at the studio Charles van Havenmaet. Bateman's first solo exhibition in was at the Brook Street Gallery, Mayfair. His first contract was in , for ten drawings and two illustrations in a fourpenny monthly magazine called The Royal.

At the age of 17, his style was already that of a mature artist. Bateman greatly influenced the style of American cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman. Bateman was chosen by art instructor Percy V. Bradshaw as one of the artists to illustrate "The Art of the Illustrator", a celebrated collection of twenty portfolios demonstrating six stages of a single painting or drawing by twenty different artists and published in He married Brenda Collison Wier and they had two children, Diana and Monica, both of whom became artists.

They lived at Curridge, just north of Newbury, Berkshire. In later life, he carried on an increasingly acrimonious battle with the Inland Revenue. His final years were spent on the island of Gozo. A centenary celebration of his work was exhibited at Festival Hall on London's south bank in Source: Wikipedia H M Bateman art.

Terry Bave born ; UK One of the stalwarts of British humour strips, Terry Bave retired in to enjoy some well-earned rest after worked in comics for 40 years. Terence H. Bave was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, in Inspired by American films and comics, which Bave sought out at newsagents selling American newspapers, he began drawing at an early age. His general education was disrupted by family moves and being twice evacuated during World War II.

Bave estimated he attended eleven schools in as many years. It was here that he met Sheila Newton, who subsequently also worked at the Post Office bank. From filling the margins and covers of his exercise books to posting regular topical cartoons on the Post Office bank notice board, Bave decided to turn his artistic inclinations into a career.

At the age of seventeen he joined the Colonial Survey Department as a trainee cartographer, drawing maps with the aid of aerial photography. With this success in specialist magazines, Bave sought out others and, by the late s, was also publishing regularly in Do-It-Yourself , TV Times , Fire! By then, he had joined a firm of commercial map makers but was contemplating another move. A commission to draw a cartoon design for a dog ointment carton led to an offer of work as a packaging designer for Stable Cartons Ltd.

Jourdan Ltd. At the same time, he became the art editor of The 9. In , and still keen to work in comics, Bave targeted Wham! Bave and his wife created their own character, Baby Whamster , a half-pager which they also scripted; he proved immediately popular as a mascot for Wham! Bave was determined to make a go of comics and used every opportunity to learn more about what his audience wanted, particularly by involving himself in the school attended by his son, Russell born in He helped with the school magazine, performed as a ventriloquist at school fetes and wrote a school play.

With the addition of work for annuals and worked sourced locally including posters, letterheads, leaflets, display advertising, cartoons, etc. However, Wham! Bave found work on annuals via King Leo Studios but that had all but dried up when the Baves received a letter from Jack Le Grand offering them work on a new paper. Bave created some thirteen possible strips and was invited to write with Sheila and draw however many he could reasonably cope with on a weekly basis. The new comic Cor!! In , Bave and his family moved to a bungalow in Bembridge, on the Isle of Wight, where he and Sheila were to live for over forty years.

When Cor!! By then, Bave had established himself with rivals D. Terry Bave art. Leo Baxendale 27 October - 23 April ; UK Leo Baxendale has been one of the few artists in Britain to advance humour strips in the past sixty years. His work has been frenetic and violent at times, subtle and thought-provoking at others. No other artist has argued the case of humour in British comics as strongly as Baxendale and few if any have the credentials to back up their arguments so soundly.

Born in Whittle-le-Woods, Lancashire, on 27 October , Baxendale had a grammar school education; as an artist he was self-taught. Between and he served with the catering corps. Thomson 's The Beano , a comic he had read as a child, and was immediately accepted, his first original character appearing in , Little Plum your Redskin Chum , followed shortly afterwards by Minnie me Minx , intended as a female counterpart to the popular Dennis. His third Beano set was the single panel "When the Bell Rings", later to become a full-page strip under the title The Bash Street Kids , Baxendale's first strip to introduce a team of characters.

The atmosphere of total mayhem that Baxendale was developing was certainly at odds with the traditional humour strip, particularly those of the Amalgamated Press, Thomson's main rivals. A contemporary of Baxendale's, Ken Reid, was similarly minded, and The Beano was unrivalled for humour at that time. Ten years of tremendous output for relatively little reward left Baxendale suffering from exhaustion and depression, and after contracting pneumonia he left the firm following an invitation from Odhams Press to create a new humour title; this Baxendale did, and Wham!

Most of the strips were passed on to other artists to continue after the first issue, and Baxendale even succeeded in tempting Ken Reid from Thomson's. Such was the success of the title that Smash! Baxendale's interest in politics inspired him to publish a weekly two-page newsletter, Strategic Commentary , written by radical strategist Terence Heelas, which he published for two-and-a-half years Baxendale drew for Eppo in Holland whilst preparing a case against Thomson's for recognition as creator of his many Beano characters which had continued under various different artists.

The case finally came to a mutually agreeable but undisclosed settlement in after seven years. Baxendale celebrated the result with the release of Thrrp! In he returned to the comic strip with I Love You Baby Basil , a weekly strip for the Guardian newspaper, which he continued to draw until March Most are autobiographical with an emphasis on Baxendale's views of comedy.

Lewis and J. Pauline Baynes was born in Hove, Sussex. For a few years she was raised in India, where her father was commissioner in Agra, but she and her elder sister were sent back to England for their schooling. She spent much of her childhood in Farnham, studying at the Farnham School of Art now the University for the Creative Arts and eventually attended the Slade School of Fine Art, but after a year there she volunteered to work for the Ministry of Defence, where she made demonstration models for instruction courses.

This work did not last long. She was soon transferred to a map-making department, where she acquired skills that she later employed when she drew maps of Narnia for Lewis and of Middle-earth for Tolkien. Baynes is probably best known for her covers and interior illustrations for The Chronicles of Narnia by C. Lewis, seven books published, one volume a year, from to the first five by Geoffrey Bles, the last two by The Bodley Head. Lewis HarperCollins, , by Brian Sibley. According to a School Library Journal review, "the artwork includes full-page illustrations in glowing color".

When she began work on the Narnia books she was already the chosen illustrator of Lewis's friend and colleague J. These, it turned out, had been sent to the publishers "on spec" by the then-unknown Pauline Baynes. Tolkien demanded that the creator of these drawings be set to work illustrating Farmer Giles of Ham and was delighted with the subsequent results, declaring that Pauline Baynes had "reduced my text to a commentary on her drawings". Further collaboration between Tolkien and his Farmer Giles illustrator followed, and a lifelong friendship developed Later, when she showed him her artwork for a poster featuring Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, the author nodded approvingly and murmured quietly: "There they are, there they are.

Baynes also painted the covers for two British paperback editions of The Lord of the Rings in one volume in and in three volumes in and produced illustrated poster versions of the maps from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. However, Baynes's own favourite among her works was the set of illustrations she provided for A Dictionary of Chivalry, edited by Grant Uden Longman, , a project that required two years to complete.

As a result, she won the Kate Greenaway Medal from the Library Association for the year's best children's book illustration by a British subject. In a retrospective citation, the Library Association calls it "a reference work that details the life and thoughts of knights".

As a reference book it is unique among the winning works and only one other Greenaway Medal in almost sixty years has been awarded for the illustration of non-fiction. Baynes also illustrated The Borrowers Avenged by Mary Norton , the fifth and final book in the Borrowers series, following the death of Diana Stanley, who had illustrated the previous four books.

Baynes did the covers for a Puffin edition of the entire series issued in the s. J Beaven; UK J Beaven is known to be the artist who created the picture shown left of an Elizabethan Theatre used in a piece jigsaw puzzle created in the s by G. This picture was also used for a Macmillan Educational poster in the s. Walter Bell Walter Bell was an artist of English children's comics. He was able to copy the styles of most of his contemporaries, so he was often assigned too fill in for other artists during the artists' holidays or illnesses.

He created some characters of his own when he became a freelancer, working at an art studio and later running a studio himself. He also did cover illustrations for the weekly Illustrated Chips, until he took over the back-page panel Casey Court for ten years. From then on, Bell expanded his activities and took on a variety of independent weekly comics.

In , Bell began working exclusively for Amalgamated Press. Amalgamated Press was not amused by Bell's contributions to these rival publications and reduced his assignments. Therefore, Bell began drawing for the comic supplements of national and local newspapers. He also took over George W. He later worked for several one-shot comic books at P.

In his retirement, Bell drew cartoons for his local newspaper, the Barnet Press, until his death in He began his career at an early age, drawing illustrations for published by Montuoro and vignettes for the weekly Sior Tonin Bonagrazia. When Italy surrendered to the allies in , Bellavitis and his family travelled to Pordenone to join the partisans.

He provided illustrations to the Venetian partisan weekly Vento di Montagna, and was also imprisoned several weeks with Mario Faustinelli and Alberto Ongaro. The group launched the magazine Albo Uragano, which was later renamed to Asso di Picche. Bellavitis also worked with Pratt and Faustinelli on the title comic, 'Asso di Picche'.

When the largest part of the Venetian group headed for Argentina, Bellavitis and Battaglia began an association with the publisher Ave in Rome. Bellavitis was one of the first Italian artists to draw for the British market, which he did after becoming art director of the agency Cosmopolitan Artists. He also introduced Rinaldo Dami, whose agency later provided most of the Italian artwork for British comics.

Bellavitis himself drew 'Paul English' for Swift, shortly after moving to England. Giorgio Bellavitis returned to Italy in to pursue a career in architecture, and was involved in many conservation and restoration projects in Venice. He taught art history at the University of Virginia in , and in was Thomas Jefferson Foundation Visiting Professor at the university's school of architecture. He died on 21 May His early artistic influences were the juvenile comics of his childhood, Rainbow and Chips, and he found the Tarzan strips of Hal Foster and Burne Hogarth much more to his taste than the rather static picture stories that mainly featured in British comics of the s and '30s.

The young Bellamy had long been fascinated by big cats and other creatures of the African plains. One frequently-told story of Frank Bellamy's boyhood concerns a travelling circus that visited his home town sometime during the mid s. After school hours Frank enjoyed wandering around the circus camp gazing at the caged jungle cats and, on this particular occasion, approached close enough to pluck a few hairs from a lion's tail.

He kept his prize for years afterwards safely stored in a bottle! But it does serve to show the sheer determination that Bellamy possessed, a quality that was, in adult life, to take him to the very pinnacle of his chosen profession. Another magazine that made use of his talents early on in his career was the Boys' Own Paper. He left Norfolk Studios and went freelance.

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His main contribution to the comic was Monty Carstairs , an upper-crust adventurer whose exploits had been appearing in the comic since February, His first work for the publisher was a picture story adaptation of The Swiss Family Robinson for Swift , followed by King Arthur and His Knights , where he progressively used striking double sized frames to depict battle scenes, and Robin Hood and His Merry Men. His enthusiasm was, however, tempered a little when he learnt that the work was to be a biographical strip of Sir Winston Churchill, The Happy Warrior.

Early in , Hulton Press had been taken over by Odhams and the new owners wanted to see some changes. They decided that Dan Dare, the famous cover character of Eagle, looked too dated and needed a face lift. They wanted someone who would inject a new vitality into the character and asked Frank Bellamy if he would take on the job. Bellamy was uneasy about taking over a character who had been created and nurtured by another artist Frank Hampson , but during his agreed year on the Dan Dare strip, Bellamy created some stunning pages of artwork that glow vividly with life.

One feature of the strip that has contributed to its continual appeal is its philosophy of conservation, which was years ahead of its time. This was followed by the fantasy adventure strip Heros The Spartan. Anderson's futuristic puppets were incredibly popular in the late s and their exploits were avidly followed by fans in TV Century 21 , and throughout the late s and early s Bellamy contributed to many quality periodicals including The Sunday Times , Look And Learn and Radio Times. His work for Radio Times, all featuring the popular character, Dr.

Who , is amongst his most sought-after from the s. In he took over the Garth strip in the Daily Mirror. Frank Bellamy was a perfectionist who created some of the best colour work ever to appear in British comics. His meticulously-drawn strips were always vibrant and full of life and action. His artwork rarely showed any signs of changes or alterations: he would discard a piece of work and start again rather than resort to process white and paste on patches. Click for the complete biography courtesy of the publisher and authors.

Enjoy also the special feature in illustrators issue 5 on Heros the Spartan. Frank Bellamy art. Mark Bennington born Professional illustrator with 30 years experience. Mark Bennington first arrived at Fleetway to help fill some pages for a Whoopee summer special. He quickly became one of Fleetway's rising stars working as an artist and a writer. My work has appeared in national and internationally distributed books, comics, magazines and marketing campaigns. Ted Benoit born ; France Ted Benoit has, since the s, been a prominent artist working in the ligne claire style made popular in the pages of the Franco-Belgian comics Tintin and Spirou.

His first comics appeared in after he joined the editorial team of alternative magazine Actuel. He has also illustrated a number of books, prints and portfolios and has also been involved with l'association Le Crayon, whose members published The Naked Crayon in He has also been involved in advertising, notably for Jameson whisky and Bic. Ted Benoit art. David Bergen Although a popular fantasy artist in the s, almost nothing is known about David Bergen's career.

He was active in the s, illustrating Sphere 's H. Clarke and Samuel R. Barrington J. Bayley's Star Winds and E. Tubb's Incident on Ath, both Bergen then seemed to disappear until when his work began appearing on various Pan fantasy and SF titles as well as the Puffin editions of Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea series. He continued to produce covers until at least when his work again disappears from sight. What other areas he was presumably active in I have no idea; perhaps the lack of credits in the s is literally down to the lack of credits that appeared on books.

There can be no doubt as to the quality of his work and he was twice nominated , for the World Fantasy Award. Personal information on the artist is almost zero. I believe he was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in but a search of the internet turns up nothing else and any search is rather confused thanks to there being a Canadian author born of the same name.

David Bergen art. It was in Albacete that Bermejo began his professional career, still in his teens, as an assistant to Manuel Gago, himself only in his early twenties but already recognised as a great talent in Spanish comics. In , Gago created El Guerrero del Antifaz [Warrior of the Mask] , which would run for issues, finally ending in Bermejo began as a letterer on the series in but, before long, was allowed to ink pages. Written by one of the top scriptwriters of the era, Pedro Quesada, it ran for 46 issues, over which time Bermejo began to assimilate influences other than Gago, notably Alex Raymond.

Here he produced his second famous work, Apache , scripted by Pedro Quesada, which he drew for over 50 issues from Bermejo was already in demand elsewhere, having produced his first strip for the British market via the agency A. Bermejo also contributed romance stories to Mirabelle, Romeo and Cherie in At the same time, he was still a busy artist in Spain, working for Bruguera on a series of literary adaptations: La conquista de los poles, Un yanqui en la corte del Rey Arturo both published in , Una vida aventurerea , Las aventuras del Club Pickwick and Las aventuras de Pinocho both The early stories were fairly commonplace war stories but when the stories switched to Thriller Picture Library , Steel was given a make-over and began featuring in a series of jazz-age, crime noir private eye yarns with Bermejo the main artist.

At the same time, Bermejo was having his biggest success in the UK when he worked on Heros the Spartan for Eagle, alternating adventures with Frank Bellamy in Bermejo was a popular contributor to James Warren's horror magazines Vampirella, Creepy and Eerie in , notably drawing The Rook. In , he drew an adaptation of Lord of the Rings which was published throughout Europe. The recovering Spanish market also meant regular work in Cimoc, Metropol, Baladin, Hunter, Zona 84 and other magazines, as well as adapting books by Isaac Asimov and A.

Van Vogt. See illustrators issue 22 for feature article on Luis Bermejo. Luis Bermejo art. Walter Berndt 22 November - 15 August ; Brooklyn, New York Walter Berndt was a cartoonist known for his long-run comic strip, Smitty, which he drew for 50 years. Powers, C. Batchelor, Sterrett and Segar. Not much money but a million dollars worth of experience! He stayed with the New York Journal for five years, sweeping floors, running errands, drawing strips, sport cartoons and what have you.

Then one year with World Telegram. From there to the Daily News in where Smitty and Herby work for me! Golf used to be my love, but it is now taboo. So now it's a little swimmin' in my pool. In , he created Smitty, which he continued until , working with his assistant Charles Mueller. Berndt won the Reuben Award for for Smitty. He also produced the comic strip Herby from through During that period, Creig brought Walter Berndt to join us. We fell in love with the cigar-smoking old-timer look who's talking! After a couple of years he passed away and left us grieving.

Thereafter, whenever we convened on Thursdays, we'd raise a toast to Walter's memory. On one such, my big mouth opened and uttered, "Fellas, it's time for the Berndt toast! He was born in Barcelona, the son of a Spanish comic book artist, Miguel Bernet. Magpie after his death in , under the pseudonym "Jordi". While this could support his family, it did not satisfy his artistic ambitions that were inspired by artists such as Hal Foster, Alex Raymond and Milton Caniff.

From , Bernet developed a more realistic style, and took on smaller assignments from Italian and British publishers, until he started illustrating for the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou in After the fall of Franco, Bernet returned to Catalonia and Spain and worked for several Spanish comics magazines such as Creepy, Metropol and Cimoc, eventually meeting three writers with whom he would form productive partnerships. With Antonio Segura he created the amazone fantasy series Sarvan, and the series Kraken, depicting a sewer monster terrorizing a futuristic fascist society.

It eventually formed the basis of its own magazine, Luca Torelli es Torpedo in Bernet's more recent publications include several albums for the Italian western character Tex Willer, and a run of work for the U. American artist Will Eisner described his impression of Bernet's work in an anthology preface: "Here was a man who was producing pure story-telling art.

That is art that uses the kind of minimalism so singular to his draftsmanship that it is actually a narrative device in itself. Jordi Bernet art. John Leslie Berry was born in Hammersmith, London, on 9 June , his father the foreman on the railway at Hammersmith. He was educated locally before attending Hammersmith College of Art in He earned a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy in but was bitterly disappointed to have his studies interrupted by the Second World War.

He volunteered for the R. In a holding unit waiting to enter Tobruk, he offered to produce a poster advertising a national day of prayer. Returning to the UK, Berry found work with a wartime acquaintance, Major James Riddell, who wrote children's and travel books. Berry drew a number of short books published by Riddell as Riddle Books, but his income was primarily from advertising. He was a prolific portrait painter, his subjects including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and Lady Astor.

He also worked via Harrods, producing portraits of people who could drop off a photograph which he would turn into a oil painting. In Berry married June East, a librarian, and the couple had three sons and two daughters. In the Sixties and Seventies, he considered the regular work provided by Ladybird Books to be his bread and butter. At the same time he continued to produce portraits, his later subjects including the Princess of Wales and President George Bush Sr , and illustrations, including contributing to the 'Special Correspondent' series in Look and Learn in Following June's death in , Berry married a second time in to Jessie Showell.

He died on 10 December John Berry art. He also created the specially drawn endpapers of the annuals, where his imagination was given full expression. Alessandro Biffignandi - 21 January ; Rome, Italy Alessandro Biffignandi was one of Italy's finest painters of cover art and illustrations for comics and magazines. He was born in Rome in and died in Rome on 21 January , aged He is primarily associated with his decade-long supply of cover art to British war pocket libraries published by Fleetway in the s and his decade plus association with Italian erotic pocket books.

His signature rarely appeared, so even in Italy he was little known and only in recent years has his work been celebrated. He learnt the finer points of drawing at the Favalli studios. In , he settled in Milan, where he started working for many important periodicals and publishers. From the late s to the early s, he worked through the Milanese art agencies for the French market and for Fleetway in the UK. He painted covers for the pocket publications of the publishing house Lug , such as Nevada, Hondo, Kiwi, Yuma and Rodeo.

In the late s, he worked for the British Fleetway agency, doing painted covers of The Spider. Since the early s, he has mainly been an illustrator and oil painter. Alessandro Biffignandi art. Enki Bilal born 7 October ; Yugoslavia Enki Bilal is one of the leading graphic novelists to come out of Europe in the past forty years. Still very active, he has occasionally left the field for movies, but has always returned to create something memorable. His plotting is dense, unpredictable, and really repays close attention.

There is also a dark, absurdist humour, from the freakish make-up of politicians and the stripped alien cat Gogol to the world chess-boxing championships. His exhibitions have included two months at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris in and he was asked to illustrate a stamp in His Bosniak father was the tailor to Marshal Tito, Yugoslavia's prime minister and, from , president, and his mother a Slovakian.

The young Bilal's twin passions were drawing and the cinema, especially westerns, and these were combined in a movie that he starred in at the age of nine. A short film, it concerned two youngsters from rival gangs who wandered around Belgrade, stopping to sketch out battles between cowboys and indians in chalk on the pavements. The film was never completed: Bilal's family moved to Paris in At the time, families were prohibited from going into exile and Bilal revealed to a teacher at school that he was shortly to be joining his father in France.

Fortunately, the teacher had an eye on their apartment and helped hasten the family's departure. Bilal became a naturalized French citizen in Goscinny encouraged him to apply his artistic talents to comics. His breakthrough came when he began working with Pierre Christin. Bilal became associated with the French magazine Metal Hurlant, and its American counterpart, Heavy Metal, where many of his stories appeared over the next few decades.

Bilal's popularity in Europe had grown considerably with the publication of the political thriller Les Phalanges de l'ordre noir The Black Order Brigade, , about the revenge sought by a group of former comrades from the International Brigade following a terrorist bombing in a Basque village. The book won the Prix RTL for best adult graphic novel.

La Foire aux immortels The Carnival of Immortals, ; serialised as 'The Immortals' Fete', Heavy Metal, introduced the character of Alcide Nikopol, who finds himself in a future Paris ruled over by a corrupt, fascist dictator bent on gaining immortality from Egyptian gods travelling in an alien spaceship. Nikopol allows himself to be taken over by a disillusioned Horus. Bilal had, meanwhile, received rave reviews for Partie de chasse The Hunting Party, , written by Christin, about a group of aging Soviet political leaders who plot the death of a politician whilst reminiscing about their growing disillusion with the Russian socialist dream.

Meanwhile, Bilal had become involved in the film industry as the production and costume designer for La vie est un roman , directed by Alain Resnais, having earlier designed a poster for Resnais' My American Uncle Bilal's other excursions into movies have been equally divisive.