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I like to lump The Good Fight together in my mind's pleasure center with my favorite thrill rides, the heart-stopping ones that actively induce the fight-or-flight "I just might die on this thing? The Good Fight , for the uninitiated, is a streaming spinoff of the legal and political Julianna Margulies hit The Good Wife, which ran for seven seasons on CBS, picking up Emmys and critical acclaim the whole way through.

Conservative Christians in the US are battling about whether to fight nice

I was loath to pick up The Good Fight, not because I thought it would trail its predecessor in quality, but because I worried the masterful universe-building its creators, Michelle and Robert King, had done would fall apart without Margulies at the core. But in her wake, the masterful Christine Baranski finds more room to play with her already perfectly realized Diane Lockhart, a lawyer at the top of her game who's literally just trying to get through one single goddamn day in Trump's America.

On Wife , Diane often took worthy center stage, but hers is a much larger spotlight on Fight , one that elevates her from supporting to main and opens viewers up to her home life as an equal component to her work one.

At its core the show is procedural. But unlike with typical procedurals, there's identical weight given to season-long stories, like the Madoff-inspired Ponzi scandal that rocked the show's first season, or the way Diane spent its second year grappling with a president in opposition to her every belief. They're hour-long episodes that build and build and build; they never leave you hanging. There is always payoff, and storylines almost always end in "holy shit, how did they stick that landing?

Screw going high. In this new season Diane Lockhart and company get subterranean. But at what cost?

That's largely thanks to both the expertly woven narratives courtesy of the Kings' oversight and the show's jaw-droppingly good performances. There's Baranski, taking giant hulking chomps out of the scenery, enjoying every second of dialogue she's given. It's the kind of comedic and dramatic performance her fans have come to expect, but it transcends those expectations tenfold. Would we deploy the phrase in a similar way to the Prime Minister yesterday? Its verdict fundamentally misunderstands Parliamentary Sovereignty — thus raising big questions about the future of the judiciary and the stability of our constitution.

There was a drilled, demeaning feel to the burst of clapping with which his backbenchers greeted him.


The opposition are allowing him first dibs at forming a government. This is a major risk for them, because he is a famed dealmaker.

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If there was genuine competition throughout the collection and processing sector we would see a greater range of products becoming economically viable. He faced some hostility from Conservative MPs in the room. If that were not the case they would not be using it.

The reality is that British society is now divided more deeply and bitterly than at any time since the Home Rule crisis of It is important to realise the nature of this division. It is not one in society in general.

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Rather there are two large and increasingly mobilised minorities who believe they are engaged in a struggle about the very nature of the political order. For these people on both sides, Brexit is about much more than ending a trade and political relationship.

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The former Tory Work and Pensions Secretary stunned Westminster two weeks ago when she walked out of the Cabinet and also resigned the party whip. Read comments on today's Newslinks and provide links to news topics likely to be of interest to ConservativeHome readers.

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Each weekday — between 9am and 10am — we send The Conservative Daily with links to all the big Tory news stories. Council by-election results from yesterday and forthcoming contests The Conservatives lost a seat to Labour in Luton. In defence of the Prime Minister Complaints from broadcasters and the media about language are synthetic and hypocritical. Andrew Sharpe: Progressive Conservative Reformers 5 We must mine our history to inform our present and dominate our future If we lack the self-confidence to defend our achievements, how do we seriously expect to be able take the fight to our opponents?

Raab, Hancock, Gauke — and a special live edition of the Moggcast.