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In that sense, she says agoraphobia is typically defined as being afraid of situations where you might have a panic attack and not be able to leave, or to get to someone who, for you, represents safety. In other words, it isn't only about being averse to open spaces in general. In fact, part of what makes agoraphobia complicated is that many people who have it also have a fear of being closed into confined spaces — a key characteristic of a condition known as claustrophobia. According to Laszlo Papp , MD, associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, someone who has agoraphobia can also have claustrophobia meaning, claustrophobia can definitely exist under the blanket of agoraphobia.

But Dr. Chambless says that agoraphobia, just by nature of encompassing so many issues, has the potential to be more serious than claustrophobia.

Agoraphobics in Love

Of course, not everyone has the same symptoms or even fears. So how can you tell if you might be suffering from agoraphobia? A surefire sign, Dr. Papp says, is if you develop a pattern of panic attack-like symptoms in certain situations, whether it happens in an open space or just outside your doorstep. What's more, with agoraphobia, those panic symptoms may cause you to fear the onset of the anxiety itself, and go out of your way to avoid the situations in which they happen.

Chambless says that the patients she sees in treatment for agoraphobia usually also have a panic disorder, which is why treatment for the phobia also often addresses panic attacks and anxiety. Treatment is also two-fold — doctors work on gradually exposing the person to the bodily sensations that are reminiscent of panic, as well as the actual situations that cause them panic.

Since people with panic disorder can be afraid of any physical sensation that reminds them of panic attacks, like a rising heart rate, they may stop doing things like exercising or having sex that would get their heart rate up. Chambless says. The bottom line is, if you think you might be suffering from agoraphobia — or any phobia, for that matter — it's worth asking for help, even if you don't completely understand where it's coming from just yet.

I walked up the block, nine houses from mine, alone. The only time I had any anxiety is when I looked down at the sidewalk and saw some pornography written there. I tapped and the anxiety left. I walked up the block seven times that day. Me and my husband walked to the other end of my block and around the corner to the end of the other block. Then we walked up the alley, to the end of the block and around the corner to that end.

I must say, that I was amazed but I didn't go hog wild, I went slow. The next week my therapist came out again and this time we went in the car. It had been years since I had ridden in a car and I had to get used to the feel of it. I had forgotten what it felt like and I had forgotten how fast they go. Before we left, I tapped for riding in a car and going farther. We went three blocks. At about two blocks I started to get really panicky.

I was at a ten and my mouth was all dry. So we stopped and I tapped and it went away and the spit started to come back in my mouth in seconds. I have been using EFT since my fourth month of getting out because I found that the TFT wasn't working as well any more and I couldn't afford three thousand dollars for the Voice Technology. So I use the EFT now and it works all the time. I really don't do the short cuts because it really doesn't take that long to do the long form.

And I do not want to risk having a really bad panic. I have not tapped for abuse in my childhood or for being raped twice when I was in my early twenties because I do not really know how to go about it. I have only seen the therapist three times. One time in March of 99 and two times in April of Being housebound for 22 years and my husband being the only one bringing in money, we do not have a lot.

I have downloaded and printed out your manual and I have downloaded the advanced transcript. I still have a lot of work to do. I haven't tapped for the fear of being alone yet. I don't know how to go about it.

I have gone about two miles N, E, S and W of my house which is a lot for me. I have eaten in a restaurant and I go shopping with my husband once a week. I love grocery shopping!!!! I have been to Church and I go in various stores. I even have fear of getting rid of the fear and of being afraid that the EFT is not going to work. Like if I got rid of the fear that maybe at some point it won't work and it would leave me open to making mistakes and having a really big panic attack.

So it is like I have to be careful and not take my freedom too lightly. Does that make sense?

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While tapping for the fear of the fear will likely take you still farther in your recovery, it is probably best that you take gradual steps. Tap if you need to. Then repeat for 3 miles. Then 5, 10 and 20 miles Chances are, you are already over the problem. But why risk it when you can ease into going longer distances? Anyway, I am really happy with where I can go and what I am doing.

But I would like to get to the place where I can jump in a car and travel across America if I want. Do you think that is possible?

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I hope my story helps someone. EFT does work, and if I hadn't been stuck for so many years I would be more at ease with just going for it, just letting loose. Thank you for listening,. Tightness, pain and palpitations Chronic pain and "The world is not a safe place" Thankful mother credits EFT for easing her 12 year old daughter's suffering as she died from a brain tumor How to find the emotion that may be causing the pain Athletic injuries and other things Newcomer learns the value of applying EFT to the "deeper level of the problem.

Eric Robins, MD explains how a chronic pain expert links pain and unresolved emotions We saw the swelling subside in front of our eyes. Acute leg pain and two rashes disappear after using EFT to "Chase the Pain" EFT newbie helps pain ridden client to squeal with delight 20 years of Sciatica disappears with EFT Sometimes core issues just show up after a little tapping Two year belly pain emotionally caused - gone in half an hour Leg pain from accident disappears Instant Messaging brings instant EFT results for a muscle cramp Can EFT mask a pain to the detriment of the client?

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MD states: "I know that EFT can do all that is reported to be possible" When physical symptoms persist despite EFT treatment Relief of diabetic neuropathy and constant toe pain Scald pain relief, trigeminal neuralgia, sea urchin spike, menstrual pain, trembling absent minded surgeon, jealous lover Quick stomach pain relief for a surprised client EFT for dental fear and a major dental procedure EFT for painful cystitis gets lasting results in 15 minutes - follow up included Osgood-Schlatter symptoms disappear in minutes with EFT Intense fears about giving birth are eased with EFT From chronic pain to joy with EFT in 9 minutes -- 20 year auto accident pain vanishes Genital pains A long list of successes by an EFT Newbie EFT halts the severe pain side effects of Interferon treatment in minutes!

Pain from a pinched finger gone in a minute The importance of applying EFT instantly after an accident! EFT for Pain: "I saw stars, heard birds twittering and my hand looked like a piece of soft spaghetti" -- including a follow up Relieving menstrual pain: "My uterus was depressed" A quickie pain relief case EFT calms overwhelming pain from a broken finger Two weeks of abdominal pain gone in one session Gout sufferer dances a jig without pain.

It disappeared with surrogate EFT and has been gone for 5 years. Tapping away a hunger headache 5 day migraine fades in ten minutes Puja helps a client with panic attacks and migraines 40 years of migraines gone in 5 minutes with EFT "At first, I found no change Surrogate EFT alleviates a migraine over the phone Back Pain Relief Three-week incapacitating back pain relieved in one phone session--many details given Back Pain: "Even though this should be working, it's not and I don't know why Is EFT the ultimate natural pain reliever?

It never came back. Is there a difference? How to avoid the symptoms of a sunburn! Fear of flying, leaving home is dangerous, and you can never come back! Up, up and away--the fear of flying How my computer helped clear a fear of flying EFT eliminates fear of flying--over the telephone Fear of flying and many aspects Getting behind a complicated Fear of Flying case 57 year old fear of flying vanishes in one EFT session -- 3 month follow-up included Treating "fear of flying" as a trauma case. A Fear of Flying turned out to be a metaphor for another life issue Solid detective work finds the true cause of a Fear of Flying Quality session for a fear of flying insects A good example of EFT's Generalization Effect with the fear of flying Surrogate tapping for the fear of flying What was really behind Janice's fear of flying?

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Animals A dog phobia case that required persistence Success using EFT while imagining a phobia A quality look at how to test your work Sarah's cat phobia and other newcomer issues Fear of dogs disappears as EFT is used on an "unremembered memory" An EFT one minute wonder for fear of dogs gets a nanny a new job in a home with a 90 lb. Claustrophobia Claustrophobia has traumatic birth memory as its core issue Claustrophobia relieved in one session A follow-up on claustrophobia Testing claustrophobia results. Getting to specific events for resolving a height phobia A seemingly simple height phobia with underlying causes Successful surrogate EFT on Hiccups, Fear of Heights and a Sore Throat Surrogate mental tapping achieves success for a height phobic in a balcony Textbook height phobia case--two rounds of EFT and "Poof" EFT helps with fear of heights in the California Sierra Mountains Needles Fear of needles is cleared after addressing many aspects with EFT Using EFT when having blood taken - even if a vein collapses and you have a fear of needles Five sessions of EFT for a severe needle phobia - every detail needed tapping Getting beyond a 30 year fear of needles in 15 minutes A Newbie overcomes her own needle phobia Client with two phobias: Fear of mice and needles.

Challenging needle phobia is eliminated Medical EFT for a fear of anesthesia allowed Mara's client to have a lung transplant Nurse had a fear of taking blood samples John was paralyzed with fear over his wife's cancer Elimination of fear of death and loss of two children in 15 minutes EFT helps a 12 year old girl with a dentist fear go from screaming and crying to singing Success with infertility issues and "The Fear of the Fear.

Spiders Spider phobia relief as a side benefit Two at-risk teenagers simultaneously resolve severe phobias with EFT in one session EFT for a child High-fiving a spider - a skeptical newbie's first case EFT for different aspects of a tarantula scare Rapidly collapsing a complicated spider phobia Lainy Wells' first EFT test--spiders "I have a fear of spiders you can't begin to touch!!

Tapping to release future fears Tapping on a single point brought fear and pain to a halt MD introduces an innovative idea that brings relief for stubborn relationship issue Teenager Fear of worms points to critical "core issue" Mom uses EFT to help her fearful son ride a bike Progress with a "Social Phobic" Cell phone phobia Fear of social occasions resolved despite not finding the cause One brief EFT session releases a fear that originated at birth--Important for serious EFT students Tapping during a frightening movie to remove the fear Quick phobia work aims at specific events Creative EFT session brings up many specific events underlying a tunnel phobia EFT for getting over the fear of giving a teleclass Fear of clowns and mimes EFT for 7 year old Jasmine's stage fright Very simple relief for an intense phobia.

What is a phobia anyway? An EFT expert beautifully weaves EFT within her client's pain, panic and molestation--success across the board A detailed and professional session regarding EFT for rape -- with one year follow-up An Hour and Ten Minutes for relief of attempted murder, two assaults, rape and childhood incidents Cleaning up a rape trauma Surgery How to remove a cyst without surgery or lasers A sore throat is traced to a childhood tonsil surgery Rapid EFT results with an ACL tear -- Every sports team in the world would love to hear about this Cataract surgery goes perfectly after releasing inner child Issues Dr.

General Andrea's miscarriage Tearless Trauma Technique Creating a new emotional state for trauma sufferers Surrogate EFT for sleeping client dramatically clears sexual abuse Releasing 14 years of pent up grief and trauma Tip-Toeing into two car accident traumas How do you work with a traumatic incident that a client does not remember? Gillian Wightman leads us expertly through a complicated "father abuse" case -- a fabulous start Using EFT for "womb issues" Email correspondence on a serious childhood abuse case Bringing Bev out of a semi-catatonic state Relieving the trauma of a car accident with EFT EFT newcomer taps herself out of a dissociative state during regular therapy Did Brenda really abuse her brother?

An extreme trauma with a severe abreaction--and what to do about it EFT in the aftermath of domestic violence Rapid relief from accident flashbacks Trauma in the trunk of a car Using EFT to unravel the many pieces of a child molestation Releasing the Trauma of placing her husband in a nursing home The layers of trauma An even more tearless trauma technique In EFT with a Vietnam nurse - a quality use of specific events Where only the pros should tread.

EFT newcomer diffuses trauma even though he didn't know it was rape Getting over a gang rape--including a follow-up Trauma relief for a Prisoner of War and a fruit phobia Thoughts on Abreactions and how to handle them Finding the trauma behind the trauma Delivering EFT to a macho war veteran Katrina Victims Enjoy New Trauma Relief Method Tapping on hearing traumatic stories from others - ear problems Rape trauma: "It just doesn't seem to bother me like it did. MD forgets inhaler during exercise class EFT relieves an asthma attack after medications didn't work Michael Valenti, MD shares stories of using EFT with his patients for asthma, multiple sclerosis, depression and pregnancy vomiting New Discovery Alleviates Breathing Problems Without Drugs: From Asthma to Chronic Obstructive Pulmon Client collapses asthma, rage, a height phobia and an allergy to bed feathers in one session Emergency EFT for a year-old asthmatic Emergency asthma attack resolved from miles away--no meds involved Milk allergy no longer causes asthma EFT provides relief for both severe asthma and stress Using a child An asthma success story from an EFT newcomer Asthma attack and Impotence relief Asthma and a dancing injury 15 years of asthma and chronic coughing eased by getting to the emotional roots Two Severe Cases: Asthma and Spinal Disc First day at school apprehension, separation anxiety and an asthma attack.

Great relief for asthma -- but why didn't the client continue? Client says, "I have stumped my "white coats" again and again and again and again using EFT. Her family doctor told her, What Really Causes Disease? EFT for ice cream cravings The core issue behind a cookie craving EFT eliminates 40 year addiction to coffee - 9 month follow-up EFT for a chocolate addiction brings about physical symptoms -- all gone in 10 minutes Finding the core issue behind a sweets addiction What was REALLY behind those cravings?

Chocolate cravings have their root in childhood poverty Overcoming a Food Craving Simple EFT procedure for excess food and drink consumption How Mary's self sabotage kept her from slimming down A success formula for self-sabotage eliminates binge eating Melissa gets to the root of her sugar addiction - Followup included An ice cream addiction fades after quality detective work by Carol Solomon Sugar cravings subside with persistent and consistent EFT Jane no longer wants those potato chips Finding out what really caused a food craving Emphatic tapping for a sugar addiction Hitting a chocolate craving head on Using EFT for a caffeine addiction Over 30 pounds and counting