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Having concluded their investigation, Wright and Fey decided to head to the detention center to see Wyatt again. Wright found Wyatt in conversation with Nichody, who told her that the marriage would have to be called off. Wright got Nichody to agree not to stand in the way of the marriage if Wyatt's innocence was proven in court, though Nichody did not believe that an acquittal would be impossible. After Nichody left, Wright discussed his investigation with Wyatt, who told him that she had panicked upon finding the body and picked up the Time Keeper in an attempt to go back in time again.

Wright returned her key card to her, not looking forward to having to propose the existence of time travel in court. Before the trial started, Sorin stopped by Defendant Lobby No. Although Wright was appalled to see him simply asking her where his engine blueprints were before turning to leave, Sorin came back and told Wyatt to come home soon and that he was lost without her.

Wright was relieved to see that Sorin clearly cared about Wyatt, even if he did not express it much. The trial began with the judge remarking on the nostalgia that he was feeling before proposing a dinner party after the trial. Edgeworth then delivered his opening statement: the victim, Dumas Gloomsbury, had been in attendance at the wedding reception, which had lasted from 7 p.

Shortly after the reception ended, he had attacked Wyatt and tried to kill her. Wyatt had then fought back and ended up killing Gloomsbury. Though this looked like a case of justified self-defense, Edgeworth said that the first witness would make his view on this clear. Ema Skye took the stand, explaining that Gloomsbury had actually been struck twice.

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The first blow, to the back of the head, had knocked him unconscious and caused him to fall over into the lantern. The second, fatal blow had been delivered to the side of his head afterwards. Striking a man who had already been rendered unconscious would invalidate a self-defense plea. Wright pointed out a problem: since Gloomsbury had been struck from behind, he should have fallen into the lantern facedown, but his body had been facing up when it was found. Moreover, there were broken bits of the lantern lying on top of the body, meaning it must have been inside the lantern before it had been broken.

This meant that Gloomsbury must already have been inside since before the reception. Thus, the lantern must have been moved with Gloomsbury inside. Wright argued that the real location of the murder was indicated by the flower petals on top of Gloomsbury's body, which matched the appearance of flowers seen in Butz's photo of the hold. Skye pointed out that the autopsy report placed the estimated time of death after the reception, but Wright responded that the fog machines in the reception hall could have been used to keep the body cold, thus falsifying the time of death.

Edgeworth acknowledged the possibility of Wright's scenario, but revealed that the hold could only be accessed by key card. According to the hold entry record, the last three entries on the day of the murder were Dumas Gloomsbury, Pierce Nichody, and Ellen Wyatt, in that order. Edgeworth argued that Wyatt must have been the one to move the body, since Nichody had been escorting guests at the time of the murder.

Wright suggested that someone else could have used Wyatt's key card to enter the hold and move the body. Seeing as how Butz had found access to the hold, Wright called him to the stand. Butz did not take this development very well, considering it a betrayal of their friendship. After several futile attempts to drag relevant testimony out of Butz, Wright reminded him that Wyatt would be found guilty if he did not cooperate.

Wright asked directly whether he had moved the lantern to the reception hall, to which Butz replied that he had "never moved any bull lantern," inadvertently giving himself away, since no one in the courtroom had mentioned the sex of the lantern that had been moved. Even the pamphlet showed that the reception hall was to be decorated with one Pegacow and one Pegabull.

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The only way for Butz to have known the sex of the lantern with Gloomsbury inside was if he had moved it himself. Butz panicked and admitted that he had sneaked into the wedding reception, but the Sprockets had caught him and locked him up in one of the airship's cabins, and that was all that he had done. Wright assured Butz that he of course did not actually suspect him, and the judge asked Butz to testify truthfully about his actions.

Butz testified that he had spotted a lantern while looking around the hall before the reception started, with a note reading, "Exchange with the one in the hold. Edgeworth theorized that Wyatt had left the note specifically to manipulate someone else into moving the body for her. When Wright asked him about his apprehension by the Sprockets, Butz explained that he had gotten caught the first time he tried to crash the reception; he had later broken out of the cabin and returned to the reception hall, which was when he had found and replaced the lantern.

Wright demanded that Butz get his story straight as to whether he had moved the lantern before or after the reception, to which Butz claimed that Wyatt's pendant had then caused time to rewind to before the reception. Accepting the inevitable, Wright told the court Wyatt's time travel story, and tried to open up the possibility that Sorin's research on time travel had borne fruit. As evidence of this, Butz enthusiastically talked about his pterodactyl sighting, as well as a photo he had secretly taken of the first reception.

The bouquet that Wyatt was holding was red in Butz's photo, but yellow in the photo taken by the photographer from the manor.

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If nothing else, this was proof that there had been two wedding receptions. Edgeworth pointed out that none of the other guests present had mentioned anything about the reception occurring twice, and if they had been sworn to secrecy, it seemed strange that Wyatt had not been in on it. Besides, Edgeworth had done his fair share of reading on the concept of time travel, which was deemed not logically feasible. Even if time travel had not literally occurred, Wright stuck with the demonstrated fact that the reception really had been held twice.

For some reason or another, everyone at the reception had conspired to keep this fact a secret. Nichody congratulated Wright on his deduction, admitting that everything had happened just as he had described. According to him, Sorin had arranged the second reception after the murder, to make it appear as if the murder had never happened and that Wyatt would think that the first reception had all been a dream. Only a few people had been told the true reason for holding the second reception, but Sorin's influence had been enough for most of the guests to go along with it.

Hiding the body in the lantern had also been part of their plan to cover up the crime, though the vista deck had been the real scene of the murder. Wright realized that if the murder had really occurred on the vista deck, then the third party mentioned by Wyatt would come into play. Wright mentioned this third party to the court, speculating that they could be the true culprit, and pointing out that they could not simply take Nichody at his word, not after he had admitted to conspiring to fool the court. The judge agreed that there was not enough information to render a verdict yet.

He told Nichody that the Sprockets' attempt to cover up the crime would be brought to a separate trial after the resolution of the current one, and ended the proceedings for the day pending further investigation. Wright, Fey, and Butz returned to the Agency to discuss the trial, especially the identity of the person Wyatt had seen on the vista deck. Butz said that the airship had been deserted during his trip there, so Wright concluded that Nichody must have gathered the guests somewhere to come up with his cover-up plan during that time.

Wright and Fey returned to the detention center to see Wyatt again, learning from her that Nichody had been working as the family butler for about a year, a suspiciously short time for someone with enough influence to orchestrate such an elaborate ruse. Wyatt insisted that Sorin would not use his time travel research to plan something like that. Upon hearing that Wright was considering Sorin a suspect in the case, Wyatt was scandalized to the point of saying that she would rather be found guilty herself than see him come under suspicion.

Wright promised not to cause him any unnecessary trouble during the investigation. Wright and Fey then returned to the Flying Chapel, where they found that the police had disabled the lock to the hold. Skye was conducting an independent investigation there, and informed them of the large lift used to access the vista deck. Though they found nothing of note on the vista deck, they did find a large bloodstain on the side of the lift. Wright doubted that the blood belonged to Gloomsbury, as he had been clubbed to death and had not bled much.

Wright noticed a candelabra on a table, which Skye told him had fingerprints from Gloomsbury's dominant left hand. While they were handling the candelabra, the candles slipped off, revealing that one of the pins was broken. Skye had her suspicions and performed a luminol test on the broken pin, revealing a bloodstain. Commenting that it would take considerable force for to break the pin, Wright wondered whether this bloodstain and the one on the lift were from the same person. Skye confirmed this to be true with a blood test, substantiating the existence of a third party at the scene of the crime.

With the reception hall still being investigated by the forensic team, Wright decided to head back to Sprocket Manor to ask Sorin some questions.

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Sorin seemed not to remember Wright very clearly, nor could he recall why there had been two receptions. He explained that he had Nichody make decisions like that. Sorin grew increasingly uncomfortable with Wright's probing, and asked him to leave. However, upon being shown the bloodstained candelabra, Sorin, appearing to recognize it, suddenly became pale and collapsed, his stomach bleeding. Sorin was taken to the hospital, dropping his notebook in the process, which Wright decided to examine.

He noticed that Sorin had originally used the notebook to write down ideas for his inventions, but after March 8th of the previous year, he had started down writing down every single detail of his life, so minutely that the notebook resembled a database more than a diary. Fey tried to take the notebook from Wright, but accidentally dropped it in the pool of Sorin's blood, rendering two pages unreadable. She then noticed a newspaper article sticking out of the diary.

The article was about the car accident that had killed Selena Sprocket, which, as it turned out, had happened on March 8th. The article also said that Gloomsbury had been the driver at the time of the accident. Believing that Nichody might know something important, Wright and Fey went looking for him, finding him at the mooring dock and returned Sorin's notebook to him. Wright revealed that he knew about the accident, and Nichody explained that Sorin had insisted on not firing Gloomsbury.

The accident itself had happened on the way to her engagement party; Gloomsbury had suffered only minor injuries, whereas Selena and Sorin had been taken to the Sprocket family's regular hospital in critical condition. Only Sorin had been saved; Nichody had been there, and the last words Selena had said to him were, "Please help Sorin. Wright showed Nichody the candelabra, but the latter denied knowing anything about it.

Seeing three Psyche-Locks, Wright proceeded to explain his theory. The fact that Sorin was wounded, paired with Gloomsbury's fingerprints on the candelabra, seemed to indicate that Gloomsbury had stabbed Sorin with it.

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The bloodstain on the lift, belonging to the same source, proved that Sorin had been at the scene of the crime and must have some sort of connection to the case. As for motive, it was plausible that Sorin held a grudge toward Gloomsbury due to the car accident. His Psyche-Locks broken, Nichody admitted that Gloomsbury had attacked Sorin and Wyatt in the reception hall following the first reception.

Sorin had tried to stop him from taking Wyatt away, getting stabbed in the ensuing struggle. Sorin had gone after Gloomsbury in spite of his injury, meaning that he had indeed been at the scene of the crime. However, Nichody claimed that the murder had already been committed when Sorin arrived there. Nichody left to tend to Sorin while Wright and Fey headed to the reception hall, which the forensic team had finished investigating. Some maids were cleaning, and one of them warned them that a door at the side of the hall was actually an emergency escape hatch. Wright and Fey asked another maid about a heart-shaped key on the table where the Time Keeper had been on display, and she explained that it was the key used to activate the Time Keeper, in a part of the wedding ceremony called the "First Startup of Love".

The bride and groom had each used a symbol of their love for this ceremony, with the key being one of them. Finally, Skye had repaired the Pegabull lantern, though she had mistakenly switched the inside and outside handles, causing the blood-stained inner handle to appear on the outside. Sorin suddenly arrived in a state of utter panic, looking for his notebook, anywhere, though he quickly calmed down when Nichody appeared with the notebook and returned it to him.

As Sorin was in no state to be questioned, Wright and Fey returned to the Agency to go over what they had learned. They concluded that the third person Wyatt had seen on the vista deck had most likely been Sorin. Wright knew that it would devastate Wyatt if Sorin were found guilty, but he could not allow an innocent person to be convicted, so the only thing to do was pursue the truth and hold on to whatever hope there was that the two of them could still live happily ever after.

Wright returned to the detention center to break the news to Wyatt, who begged him to find a way to prove both her and Sorin innocent. Before the trial, Wright tried to calm Wyatt down, but she refused to go along with his potential accusation of Sorin. Wright simply had to hope that she did not do anything drastic. The trial opened with Edgeworth recapping the cover-up attempt orchestrated by the Sprockets and the defense's claim of a third person at the scene of the crime. He had anticipated that Wright would attempt to indict Sorin as the culprit, with the car accident as the proposed motive.

To clear things up, Edgeworth called Sorin to the witness stand to testify about his actions around the time of the murder.


Sorin testified that he had been stabbed by Gloomsbury in the reception hall following the first reception. Gloomsbury had then taken Wyatt to the vista deck, and attempted to throw her off the airship. Sorin had hurried to the vista deck to help Wyatt, but upon arriving there, he had found Gloomsbury dead. As much as he did not want to believe it, he could not think of any explanation other than that Wyatt had killed him.

Upon hearing Sorin say this, Wyatt was devastated, as she had thought at least Sorin would believe in her. Wright asked why it had taken Sorin so long to get to the vista deck, to which Edgeworth wondered whether Wright had investigated anything. The only way to get to the vista deck from the reception hall was to take the lift down to the hold, then take the other lift up to the vista deck, all of which would have taken at least ten minutes.

Wright was suspicious of this explanation because Sorin's name did not show up on the hold entry record. He asserted that Sorin must have gone to the vista deck by a different route, namely the emergency escape hatch in the reception hall. It would have been a much faster route to the vista deck, and despite the extreme danger, Sorin's love for Wyatt could have made it possible for him to take it.

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Edgeworth countered that, regardless of the power of love, the spinning propellers on the side of the airship would have blown Sorin away if he had tried to take that route. Wright maintained that it would have been possible if, at the time of the crime, the airship was moored to the ground. As for evidence, Wright reminded the court of Butz's pterodactyl sighting, explaining the supposed prehistoric creature as a piece of the sign in Sprocket Park that had been broken by a windstorm on that night. Such a sign could not have been blown high enough to reach a flying airship.

Edgeworth rebutted that this did not prove that Sorin had gone to the vista deck via the escape hatch. He asserted instead that Nichody must have opened the door to the hold for Sorin. Sorin testified that Nichody had accompanied him to the hold, and had kept this a secret to prevent his butler from coming under suspicion. Wright decided to ask Sorin about his wound, with the latter answering that the "knife wound" was quite deep. However, Sorin had been stabbed with a candelabra, and it seemed odd that he would make such a mistake, especially when he had described the incident to Nichody himself.

This was more than a simple memory slip; Wright proposed that Sorin had no memory of the incident at all, due to some sort of memory disorder. This explained why Sorin had been writing the details of his life in his notebook, and Wright suggested that the details of the stabbing had been blotted out by the bloodstain, essentially erasing it from Sorin's memory. Remembering the date when Sorin had first begun writing down his memories, Wright said that the car accident may have caused his memory disorder.

Sorin admitted that Wright's theory was correct. The accident had affected his mind somehow, and since then, he would lose his memories every time he went to sleep; when he woke up, the most recent thing he could remember was the day of the accident. Wright realized that Sorin was, in fact, the "time traveler" that he had mentioned two days ago, forced to constantly go back to the day he had lost his sister. The reactions of the people around him had made him aware of his condition, so he had decided to write down his memories in a notebook to be able to move forward.

Wright said that all of this gave Sorin a clear motive to want to kill the man responsible for both his sister's death and his condition. Wyatt, desperate to protect Sorin, took to the stand and confessed to the murder. Despite the fact that Sorin had testified against her, Wyatt just wanted him to be happy, and no disorder could change the fact that he was still the same person she had always loved. Hearing this, Sorin withdrew his testimony against Wyatt, explaining that his lack of memories had made him take the police completely at their word.

He also admitted that he was the one who had caused the accident. His father had convinced Gloomsbury to take the blame in exchange for money and the position of lead servant. Gloomsbury must have held a grudge against Sorin and attacked him and Wyatt for being made into a scapegoat. The judge asked that Sorin submit his notebook into evidence so that he could confirm that everything had transpired as he described.

Wright, however, was still reluctant to accept the notebook as official proof of anything, and asked to examine it. Noticing that the last page with writing on it had been torn out, Wright realized that he could discover what had been written on it by using fingerprint powder on the blank page behind it, rendering the indentations left by the writing visible. Doing so revealed a hurriedly-written message: "I struck and killed Dumas.

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While Wyatt passed out from shock, Sorin was relieved that at least this proved that she was innocent. He did not remember writing the confession, but reasoned that he must have, since he kept the notebook under lock and key at night. Sorin asked the judge to give his ruling quickly, while Wyatt was still unconscious. However, Wright was still skeptical; had Sorin committed the crime and intended to cover it up, he would need to remember that he had done it, so he would not have torn out his confession.

Wright reasoned that someone else must have torn out the page, and the only one with the opportunity to do so was Nichody. After all, he had orchestrated the cover-up and the second reception. Sorin began leafing through his notebook in a panic, wondering how much Nichody had altered his memories, until his jetpack activated, taking him up to the roof of the courtroom. Upon coming back down, Sorin collapsed, and was taken to the infirmary. Wright asked to have Nichody summoned to the stand, as regardless of whether he could be considered a suspect, he was now the only person who knew the whole truth and was surely still hiding something.

Edgeworth accused Wright of trying to invent a third suspect so he could exonerate both Wyatt and Sorin, but eventually agreed to let Nichody testify. After a minute recess, Nichody took the stand and admitted that he had torn out the notebook page, claiming that he had done so to protect the groom. Sorin had headed to the vista deck alone via the escape hatch, just as Wright had asserted, and Nichody had rushed to the scene upon seeing the commotion on the vista deck, during which Sorin had struck Gloomsbury with the Time Keeper.

Or did he just want to take a step in the unknown.

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The movie isn't really bad. Although the budget wasn't so big, the made images generally look really professional. The interaction between Wayne and Katt is magnificent and at times extremely enjoyable. Particularly Rosebud Baker. With her charming and lovely smile she can melt any guy's heart effortlessly. But still there are some facts that really amazed me. Billy drank a lot of alcohol and took a lot of sleeping pills at the beginning of the film. So it's likely that's the reason why he ended up in the water.

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