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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 12, Karla rated it liked it Shelves: america-colonial , heroine-annoying-and-way-annoying , bodice-ripper , historical-romance , hero-jealous-possessive , dead-tree , immature-obnoxious-fucktardery. I've put off writing this review long enough, and not just because I've been up to my elbows in dirt most of this vacation and waving off the bugs who love to feast on my sweet, sweet blood.

It was good that I'd been prepped to the hair-ripping brattishness stubborn feistiness of the heroine before I'd even started, because I might have DNF'd it. But, my loins properly girded, I found it not as bad as I'd feared. It's really amazing that I enjoyed myself as much as I did, because the Walmart parking lot screaming tantrums between these two were getting pretty high on the "zomg, can't take it anymore" scale by the end of the book.

The thing I disliked most, and which pushed it down to 3 stars, was that actual actiony stuff - the Indian raid in Jamestown - came in the last 50 pages after most of the book being Whatshisface Jamie sorry, blanked there for a sec and Jassy growling and stamping and hissing and spitting at each other over nothing and then smiling and cuddling and cooing within hours and then back to the "I hates you! I guess it's Graham's formula, which means I'll be spacing her books out over the long term.

Because I do like her writing.

Savage Eden

She really made the background stand out and partially overshadow the idiotic antics of her main couple. That was a welcome distraction. I liked the secondary characters, although the resolution with Jassy's half-sister Elizabeth was rushed and laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. So it was a mixed bag, but there's enough there to make me coming back for more.

But I'm not going to stupidly gorge myself on her and then never want to see her name on a cover ever again.

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Moderation is the key for Ms. View all 17 comments. May 31, Willow added it Shelves: romance , american-colonial. Who am I kidding? I'm never going to finish this silly book. I keep thinking I'll pick it up again, but please, I don't care if Jassy and Jamie pull their heads out of their asses long enough to get together. View all 18 comments. Apr 28, Mermarie rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle-or-ebook , no-feckin-way , id-rather-gouge-out-mine-eyes. I tried. Down to the last pages There were gaps in the entire book where Graham merely filled in the lack of substance with extra quarrels-- having absolutely no plot-line.

None of the characters were holding card, things just happen , stuff is stuff.. History shouldn't be a crutch for a book. You'll need the constant release of endorphins to suffer this bit of Sweet Savage torture. This book may have survived, if the heroine had actually went with her first self-confessed plan and avoided taking the ship to America We didn't even get to experience the trials of sea during the cross-over, for god's sake!!

I can see where she was heading with the colonial migration and Indian uprising I honestly felt sorry for the hero, and every filthy name he called her was SO dead-on and deserved! I actually liked the hero, and wish he knew my number.

By Kiri Kotone

If you're out there--I'll give you a story, darlin'! Well played sir, well played. I'm sorry View all 4 comments. Feb 24, Regan Walker rated it it was amazing Shelves: bodice-rippers , 5-star-reads , favorite-keepers , favorite-hero , favorite-heroine , pre-revolutionary-war-america , england-to-america , 17th-century. This is the first in the North American Women trilogy, a classic and one of my favorites by Heather Graham. They were the first books I read by Heather that led me to become a huge fan of her historical romances.

It begins in 17th century England and tells of Jasmine "Jassy" and Jamie. The story follows them to New World Virginia , which was then very much a wild wilderness, untamed and inhabited by hostile Indians. Jassy has had a hard life as the bastard daughter of a dead nobleman.

When her mother dies for lack of medical attention, Jassy learns of her connections to a noble family and, through a series of events, the family takes her in but treats her as little better than a servant. There she meets the dark Lord Cameron who wants to marry her because she reminds him of his "wild Virginia" where he is building a new life. Jassy is in love with his friend, the charming and fair Robert, but Robert has other plans.

Because Jassy fears dying in poverty like her mother, she consents to wed Jamie even though she is not even sure she likes him. But she is honest and tells him she is marrying him so she will not starve. Jamie Cameron wants the beautiful Jassy—she makes his blood boil—and he believes she will be strong enough to endure the life in the wilderness where there are still Indians and pressures just to survive. But Jamie does not tell Jassy that he intends to take her to the New World because he knows Jassy wants the security of Jamie's beautiful manor in England.

Can she love a man she hates? Can she forget the fair Robert? Can Jamie love the tavern wench who wants only his wealth? So begins an adventure that is so well told and so well done, I have read it again and again. And the others in the series are equally good. Heather Graham's writing is superb. Her portrait of wild early America is wonderful. The story pulls you in and does not let you go. There are no slow spots as the action and characters are very real.

The sexual tension permeates the book and is very believable. You will love Jassy and Jamie and you will find yourself drawn back to those historical times at the beginning of America. This is a keeper! View 2 comments. Jul 22, KatieV rated it liked it Shelves: hero-rapes-heroine , hero-only-lover , forced-seduction , genre-historical , bodice-ripper , heroine-virgin , era-colonial-america , marriage-of-convenience. The intimate scenes were sensual.

They are married, but she's less than willing and he takes her roughly.

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Apr 15, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. One of the only books I have ever been able to re-read in my entire life! Yes Jamie can be a 'jerk' to put it nicely, and I would never encourage women to put up with some of the things he puts Jassy through. However, it made for an exceptionally captivating story that always keeps me excited to read what happens next. Heather Graham is an amazing novelist and this is easily my favorite romance novel of all time! Aug 08, Tiffany Day rated it it was ok.

I re-read it for fun and man was I disappointed! I remembered it as being my least favorite of the trilogy but wow - I'm SO disappointed! View 1 comment. Jan 29, Dawn rated it liked it Shelves: graham-pozzessere-heather. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Well, this was almost a DNF for me. Too much bodice-ripping and rape. Two-thirds of the book was spent with the hero and heroine, Jamie and Jazzy, hating each other viciously. He was a Lord who had created a home and community in the New World. He found her as a serving wench living in poverty and abuse. He discovers that she is the illegitimate sister of his sister's husband, a duke. She had tried to steal money from him to save her mother.

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Upon her mother's death, Jamie takes her to her half-brother's home. He was not happy to see her, but did accept responsibility for her by making her a servant. In a convoluted way, they end up married and in the new community of West Virginia. Their relationship is violent. It wasn't until the last third of the book that there was any tenderness at all.

And still, the forced intimacy continues. I guess I should have been prepared for this. But I have a hard time believing that this was readily accepted even in when it was first published. I continued to read because this is Heather Graham, after all. Certainly, the HEA was satisfying. And all ended well. But I'm quite shell-shocked by the rapiness of this book. I don't know if I can stomach the next in the series.

I'll probably try since the reviews here are quite good. Maybe I'll be better prepared. I can only hope that women, during this period of history, did not have to endure this routinely. Maybe they did. I'm no historian. I trust these well-respected authors to know better than I. May 15, Lorelle rated it liked it Recommends it for: lovers of lots of bodice ripping!

Shelves: rape , bodice-ripper , historical-romance , captive , colonial-america. This story begins in England, The heroine, Jassy Dupre, is the illegitimate daughter of a Duke and an actress. The Hero, Lord Jamie Cameron, is the second son of a duke who has interest in creating his own settlement in the New World. He meets Jassy at an Inn, working as a serving wench, while her mother is dying upstairs.

She is caught stealing from Jamie, as she pretends to be his women of the evening. The misunderstandings begin at this point, and they have what appears to be a passiona This story begins in England, The misunderstandings begin at this point, and they have what appears to be a passionate hatred for each other. Fast forward, you have to read it to find out , she marries for stability and he, for a strong women, sturdy enough to endure the hardships of colonial life besides, he has the hots for her.

So we have some "rapey" scenes, passionate forced seductions, a whipping, mistrust, rough treatment physically and verbally by Jessie, kidnapping, and lots of bodice ripping. These two are so proud, stubborn, and jealous, you wonder if they any hope.

Savage Eden | Open Library

I was almost surprised to find he remained faithful during times of long separation and when opportunity presented itself. The last few pages reveal their love, and their HEA. Mar 03, Christina rated it it was ok. I think I found a book where the heroine gets treated like crap just as much as the heroine in A Pirates Love! The "hero" if that is what you want to call him, constantly talks down, calls the heroine a whore despite that was a virgin when they married, and whisks her away with out even a moment to let her possibly reason with him all so he can have HIS dream in America.

One reviewer put it well, he was raised with a loving family yet where does all this anger come from? I feel so bad for Jassy, I think I found a book where the heroine gets treated like crap just as much as the heroine in A Pirates Love! I feel so bad for Jassy, the heroine, she can't help she was born "a bastard" and yet she is treated like she is the one who made herself that way. But the part that got me was, she was always being called a whore and if anything she was so far from it-even prudish-that I just wanted to throw the book.

BUT I did like the storyline. Mar 28, Danielle Asbury rated it it was amazing Shelves: completed , favorites. Absolutely fantastic! Last night, I couldn't put the book down!

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  • It was well written, easy to follow and most importantly; dramatic. It was full of sexual chemistry, amazing banter and moments in which I couldn't help but smile at. I could vividly image everything and I too was transported to Virginia; a new world indeed! I could feel the nervousness, confusion, Absolutely fantastic! I could feel the nervousness, confusion, pain, horror, lust and love that she Jassy felt. Such a wonderful character full of life, determination and spirit!

    Happy to announce that this book is one of my favourites! It's a MUST read! Mar 21, Stacy Brown rated it really liked it. First book in the North American Woman series.


    Love this series. I have read it multiple times. Jun 27, xiaomao rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , i-see-no-romance , officially-hate-everybody , wangst , falling-in-lust , blaaaaargh , curiosity-killed-the-cat , bodice-ripper , historical-romance , douchebag-hero. Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: Throwaway User Info: quest64freak.

    For the most part, no. Pentamelded crafted equipment is still popular because it's only week two. Even for people who already have the whole thing on farm that isn't enough time to get more than one or two pieces without a lot of luck or feeding. It's going to take several more weeks to cycle most of it out.

    User Info: FlameMagician. User Info: geckodogma. User Info: OmegaXtreme. Eden savage gears have 2 slots. One brings shadow. One brings the light. User Info: SuperZay. Throwaway69 posted How come?

    Because tomestone and savage gear is time locked? In two weeks they can barely buy pieces of deepshadow, and they may not have any luck with savage drops.