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The Chawaytiri Weavers of Peru’s Sacred Valley (In The Land of Ayni: Part 2)

And this is no accident. Heisenberg, unlike many of his contemporaries, was a theoretical physicist educated in the nuances of Western philosophy, and often in his writings he refers to how we must get beyond Cartesian axioms where the senses are proscriptive and reality is expressed in the relationship between the subject and object. Poetry is capable of being a novel form of questioning, and often debates in poetics are centered upon which questions are the most urgent.

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One consequence is that this physics invites us to explore extraordinary senses and languages such as poetry as methods of questioning, which makes the questions of poetry and other forms of artistic inquiry relevant to the questions that contemporary physicists are asking. I say this because I think poets need to consciously ask these questions not only to make poetry more expansive but to contribute to the dialogues happening at scales outside of our too-often narrow milieu.

Breakthrough movements in poetry have all done this to some extent. The success of these movements, often operating as outsider communities within established traditions, is owed to not only the unique questions they pose but the momentum they establish that often, on the one hand, encourages discourse, and, on the other hand, resists critique. Quantum mechanics, as a theoretical physics, is not concerned with aesthetics but instead functions as a mathematical and epistemological explanation of physical systems at subatomic scales.

What distinguishes it from other theoretical physics is that the answers it provides asks more questions. Can we say the same about poetry? Once you get used to weaving, you will want to purchase a bent weaving needle — a must in your weaving tools arsenal. Getting my first bent-tip needle was an absolute game changer!

It made my weaving time go smoother and just a little bit faster. Even though I love how weaving helps slow things down in my life, sometimes it felt a little too slow, if you know what I mean. The benefit of having a tapestry needle that is bent at the tip is that it allows you to get under your warp threads with far greater ease. I personally use this bent weaving needle and absolutely love it!

From Freedom to Slavery, Ch. 2, Pt. 2

One of my latest purchases has been this long weaving needle. You can use virtually any type of yarn to create your warp — truly. Cotton is soft and pliable, yet sturdy and strong. This combination makes it the perfect yarn to use to create your warp. Every weaver should have at least 1 white or cream cotton yarn in their arsenal. I have both. If you already have white or cream cotton warping yarns, then you will probably want to experiment with colour.

There is something so interesting about using contrasting colours in your warp threads. All things being equal, I have also had good results using other yarns to create my warp, including inexpensive acylic, hemp and bamboo — a couple of projects of which I have shared on this blog I used acrylic yarn for these DIY Woven Coasters and hemp yarn for this DIY Woven Pillow.

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  • All of these varieties can easily be found at any local craft store and online stores, including HobbyCraft , Hobby Lobby , Michaels , and CraftOnline. First, it can be woven into the warp, turned on its side, thus making space for roving or for pulling yarn all the way across your warp without using a needle. Second, a shed stick can be woven along the bottom before starting a weaving. There are a wide variety of sizes and materials used to create basic shed sticks that you can find on Etsy.

    Generational Solidarity: Folk Band the Weavers and the Damages Done by the Red Scare

    When purchasing the appropriate length, make sure you find one that is wider than your warp so that it provides even support, end to end. You can also improvise by using a long piece of cardboard for wider weavings or a ruler for narrower ones as I did here. I have been using a kitchen fork for all of my weavings — and I do mean ALL. I have watched video tutorials where weavers have used both.

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    But, if you, like me, would like to get a proper weaving comb at some point, then let me refer you to those that have made my short list:. There are 2 types of scissors I use when I weave. I often use one over the other, depending on the size and type of weaving, and sometimes both. Regular kitchen or craft scissors are perfectly suitable.

    They are great to have on hand when cutting thick roving yarn, for instance, but can be used for any of your yarns. They suit me just fine for most of my weaving projects. I like using smaller, precision scissors, however, when working on small weavings or ones with finer threads. It makes it easier to get into narrow spots when needed. The good news here is that yarn is available everywhere!

    I shop online at Amazon and at big box craft stores like Michaels , but I also like to go to local shops that specialize in yarn products where I can find a variety of brands and styles. Local shops also provide an opportunity to speak to those who are more knowledgeable about yarn. If you are a beginner, you may want to purchase small packs with assorted colours, like this one , this one , or this one. These are great, budget-friendly options. Just experiment and have fun!

    The most common dowel used for a wall weaving these days is a wood dowel, often unfinished so that the weaving can stand out. Or you can purchase a small pack like this one. There are so many other dowels to choose from on Etsy, including copper and driftwood. And if you really want to experiment, use decorative branches, embroidery hoops, or even try lucite dowels to up your style. You can find any of these products at any online craft store mentioned throughout this post. For those of you who have just started weaving or have been for a while now, the list above will become increasingly useful as you continue exploring the art of weaving.

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    That is precisely what I did when I first started weaving. I still use my kit loom and tapestry needle from time to time, so I would say it was definitely a worthwhile purchase for me. I hope this list of basic weaving tools and supplies has narrowed the gap to finding the materials you will need for your weavings.

    I hope this list provides you with a solid introduction into the world of weaving tools and supplies. The links and online resources provided are a great starting point for anyone looking to narrow down their search or expand their repertoire. Thank you so much for this post!! Going to be purchasing a few extra supplies soon.

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog… I love how simple and elegant it is. Sincerely, Sarah. Thanks for the feedback, Sarah! Thank you for making this craft seem so approachable! Thank you for posting this!

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    I found it really helpful and informative. Jelica…thank you SO much for all the easily understood information. I just took ownership of a handmade, walnut, 4 shed, side winding bobbin, tabletop loom. Thanks bunches!

    Slender Weavers Bamboo Sydney Australia Part 2

    A tabletop loom is definitely a great find — there are so many possibilities and lengths of weavings that you can create.