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A MAZE. established since is an international label in the field of playful media that includes independent and alternative games, virtual realities and other.

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He has a tendency to use rhyming and alliterative cues that draw on elements of many yoga schools, pop-culture references and a hopefully charming wit to help student move beyond their fears, to embrace what works and find strength within themselves. When not teaching or practicing yoga, David is an artist, actor, avid rock climber, museum worker and volunteer for art organization and animal rescues. He lives in Waterbury with his wife Shannon and their two cats. Lisa Cammuso. Lisa first discovered yoga over fifteen years ago while looking to heal her body from a car accident and relieve stress from the daily grind of the corporate environment.

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In her classes, she strives to share her passion for yoga with others while promoting a tranquil space to heal from within. Lisa values yoga as a means to re-energize, challenge, and heal the body, mind, and spirit and weaves these principles into her classes. She teaches with intention to hold a space where all can be safely present and free of judgment, while feeling supported. Her wish is for all of her classes to come away with a sense of peace, awareness, and balance through blending different styles of yoga.

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  • She feels fortunate to acquire knowledge from each student and is extremely thankful for the opportunity to grow her yoga and receive inspiration. She is realizing this passion through offering transformational yoga journeys, inviting rejuvenation and immersion in diverse cultures.

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    She found the mind, body and spirit connection that yoga offers to be transformative. After completing the training, Cathy knew that she had to share the amazing gift of yoga with others so she pursued teaching. In addition to yoga, Cathy has a passion for new adventures, such as riding motorcycles, travel and wine. She strives to bring her enthusiasm for living, positive outlook and humor to her classes for adults and children.

    Cathy is an accountant by trade, but intends to spend her post-accounting life teaching yoga on beautiful beaches underneath flowing palm trees and becoming the first middle-aged woman astronaut! Jenifer Heseltine. Teaching is how Jen shares her 10 plus year passion for yoga. Her Vinyasa training was deeply rooted in the work of B. She approaches the mat aspiring to make it a warm, inclusive, safe and fun experience for all, regardless of level or ability. Students are encouraged to embrace themselves as perfect beings in the present moment exactly as they are.

    One thing I am working on is creating a more balanced life. When I began practicing yoga it took over my life and my world, and I forgot about some of the other things I love, like riding horses and drawing. I enjoy painting, Netflixing, and hanging out with close friends. I love traveling, and usually go on exciting trips with my two sisters where we see the sights while eating a lot of good food mostly pastries.

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    You must be logged in to post a comment. The food industry is coming under increasing scrutiny for its environmental impact, from greenhouse gas emissions, to excessive and detrimental land and water usage, to chemical pollution. The contribution of livestock to global greenhouse emissions is estimated at between Fortunately, there are companies who are tackling this challenge head on and looking at how emissions from food production can be reduced.

    From the seemingly futuristic to the rediscovery of superfood trees, each company tackles this new drive in consumer interest in different ways. Pasi was formerly in charge of the single largest renewable energy program in Finland. But with the growth in affordable and renewable energy — particularly solar energy— it led him and his team to question the possibility of producing food solely from energy, carbon dioxide, and water. It turns out, the answer is yes.

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    Solein is a unique single cell protein. It is produced using a fully natural fermentation process like that of the production of yeast or lactic acid bacteria. Most likely, the first product to reach the consumer market will be a replacement in existing plant-based foods. For example, using Solein in shakes or as an alternative to dairy in milks, yogurts, and even in breads and pasta. In the future, a lasagna could include the protein in all aspects of the recipe: the sauce, in the pasta sheets, and in the filling.

    Further into the future, there is also the possibility that it could be used as the basis for cultured meat production. In the Photo: Solein Can be used in smoothies as a protein alternative. Photo Credit: Shawn Fields - Unsplash To produce a kilo of the protein powder takes 10 liters of water in comparison to the liters of water for a kilo of soy or 15, liters for a kilo of beef. Electricity is the main raw material, and the plan is to source this from renewable energy sources.

    Additionally, Solein binds carbon dioxide rather than emitting it, easing pressure on land use. The product is currently going through regulatory checks and testing at the moment, with a plan to launch in NASA and the Soviet Union space programs had started to investigate in similar protein production for their expeditions in the past, but Solar Foods has brought it down to earth.

    Higher Steaks, United Kingdom Whilst some people are switching to plant-based diets and others have reduced their meat consumption, some others still want to keep meat in their diets but are looking for more environmentally friendly options. This is where lab-based meat comes in. Benjamina Bollag, CEO and co-founder of Higher Steaks , a UK-based company, believes that it is important to provide alternatives to meat with a lower carbon footprint, but that taste as close as possible to the real thing.

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    She believes that the change required in human behavior to cut emissions will not happen fast enough otherwise. This approach is confirmed by research they have conducted. There are different ways of producing lab-based meat. The process that Higher Steaks is developing is based on pluripotent stem cells, which are taken from a small skin patch or blood sample. The meat that is grown is then shaped into products. Currently, Higher Steaks is working primarily on pork products.

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    In Photo: Higher Steaks will eventually release pork as its first lab-cultured meat. Photo Credit: Yvonne Lee Harijanto - Unsplash The company has yet to conduct a lifecycle assessment of the lab-grown meat, but given the high levels of environmental impact from meat production, it should be safe to say that Higher Steaks products will be more sustainable. In addition, as Benjamina explains, other advantages include the avoidance of antibiotic use, resulting in a product which is better for the consumer as well.

    The level of fat can also be adjusted, depending on consumer preference. The company is working to have the first products in shops within years. Sometimes it is about rediscovering and making available a food source which has been around for a long time to a wider audience. The baruzeiro tree, native to Brazil, has been a long-time source of nutrition for people living in the Cerrado, the vast savannah at the heart of Brazil.

    The tree produces a fruit, which contains the baru nut. It was the nutritional profile of the baru nut that initially attracted Seth Tuckerman, who had formerly been the COO of Beachbody, a fitness business. The nuts are high in protein, fiber, minerals, and are lower in fat than typical nuts. The taste is often described as a cross between peanuts and almonds. In Photo: Baruzeiro tree. They are on a mission to plant 20 million baruzeiro trees — as a start. The trees need little water and — as native trees — they are already ideally suited to the Cerrado conditions.

    First, Barukas must prove that there is a market for the fruit of the existing trees.