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A MAZE. established since is an international label in the field of playful media that includes independent and alternative games, virtual realities and other.

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Reynolds, D. Stepp, B. West, A. Kott, A. Swami, A. DeCostanza, P. Franaszczuk, K.

McDowell, B. Piekarski, B. Sadler, R. Zabinski US Army Research Laboratory. Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. IEEE Brain with the topic authors have integrated several mechanisms to engage in this Brainstorming activity. To gather quick opinions from the community, polling questions are embedded within the position paper itself. To allow for more substantial dialogue, comment blocks are also embedded within specific sections of the position paper, as well as, in a comment section of this webpage.

For full responses, we strongly encourage uploading Archived papers addressing any or all of the following three challenge areas:. Search for:. Innovation for executives. Train the trainer program. Toolkit development. Recruitment services. Innovation talent recruiting. All Tools. Brainstorm cards. Our corporate ideation game, with 52 triggers to generate new business ideas. Download PDF. What is this for? How to use the brainstorm cards? Step 1 Start with a challenge or problem. Step 2 Use the cards for inspiration. Step 3 Share ideas with the team and build further on the best ones. Free download!

Physical deck! Customer trends. Tap into your customers' unmet or growing needs. What if you could increase inclusion? Imagine ways you can address disadvantaged groups, and tailor your products and services to reduce the gap. Think of targeted discounts, or ad-hoc features.

What if you could only communicate in a visual language?? When Zappos realized how boring their old handbook looked, they gathered a team of creatives and re-designed it to look and feel like a comic book, making the content fun and readable. What if your product was designed to only be used once? Imagine you throw away your product after using it once. Could your product be valuable for one use only? What if your product was so simple, a child could use it? What if you could predict customer behavior? Amazon patented a system for predictive logistics: based on buying trends, your searches, and regional data, they send products to warehouses close to you, even before you buy them.

What if you gave your customers something unexpected? Go the extra mile: surprise your customers with a present, a nice message or smart packaging. Tomorrowland, a world-famous music festival, delivers its tickets in an artsy box.

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Their stages feature detailed decors. Even their garbage collectors wear themed outfits. What if everyone lived in urban areas? Imagine services that work best in these crowded hotspots known for traffic jams, apartment blocks and ubiquitous internet. Deliveroo conveniently employs young bikers who can deliver food quickly regardless of car traffic. What if you used gamification? Think of ways to make using your product or service fun for customers.

You can add levels, social rankings, perks, awards, missions, and scores. These reports are so accurate, many car manufacturers such as Honda are leaving TomTom for Waze. What if you could reframe your service into bite-size components? Duolingo turns the lengthy process of learning a new language into a playful list of small, easy 5-min lessons. They make their service free by using their students to translate bits and parts of articles.

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What if you turned the most annoying aspect of buying your product into an experience? Digital agency PostVisual invented the first-ever hashtag queue where fans waited in line on Instagram to win a chance to buy limited edition Nike Air Max. What if your customers moved to a new country every week? Revolut banking service is fully global: it can be opened online anywhere in the world, accepts payments in every currency, and charges no, or very small, fees regardless of location.

What if you could offer full customization? Imagine ways of letting your customers customize their favorite product or service, and and producing or delivering that customization cheaply. The Nike iD online store allows users to completely customize the look and feel of their shoes.

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Technology trends. Unlock new possibilities through technology. What if you could only interact with users through voice?


Imagine you had no possibility of adding visual cues. Imagine ways to use heritage and DNA to help your service or product deliver more personalized offers. What if you could use artificial intelligence? No business can avoid being disrupted by artificial intelligence.

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In the insurance industry, Lemonade uses artificial intelligence and chatbots extensively to deliver insurance policies and handle claims. It takes only 90 seconds to get insured and less than 3 minutes to get payed. What if no staff was required? How can you design your service to operate with not humans involved? What if you used biometrics for identification? Citibank uses voice biometrics to automatically identify customers as they explain their issues to customer representatives over the phone.

Imagine each time you use your service or product, it gets better and more aligned with your needs as the user. Stich Fix provides hand-selected outfits by a personal stylist. They learn from your behaviour to send you different proposals the next time. What if your products could become a network? Tesla cars learn each time they are driven. They even operate as a network. When one car learns something, they all learn it, helping Tesla to create a better autopilot. What if you helped to reduce the use of technology? Imagine ways to help your customers use your product less.

After great success with 3rd party apps, Apple included a Screen Time function to their devices, giving users an overview of how much time spent on the device, on which apps, and lets users set limits on their usage. What if everyone had a virtual assistant? For example, Google Duplex is a technology that is able to make simple phone calls on your behalf, like booking a restaurant. What if you delivered an augmented reality experience? Remember the hype of Pokemon Go?

And the selfie filters? They were notable Augmented Reality applications, and they illustrated the power of adding a digital visual layer on top of the non-digital reality. Market trends. Discover new ways to capture and deliver value. What if customers shared your product or service offer? Imagine a setup that lets customers access an asset when they need it without owning it, helping them split the cost amongst peers. Car sharing and bicycle sharing schemes follow this principle.

What if you decrease quality slightly to significantly decrease price? Is there a way to make your product a lot cheaper without ruining the whole experience? What if you owned nothing but delivered everything? Its user interface looks like supermarket shelves where users can swipe any kind of item into their basket.

Couriers can deliver everything on demand, from groceries, to cash from the ATM, or even dog walking sessions. What if you could lower the barriers to use? Grab reaches out to taxi drivers by signing them up at airports, taxi queues, depots, etc. To facilitate the use of their services, Grab installs booths where people can wait at strategic points, even if they do not have the Grab app installed. Where can you find your users and how can you help them to adopt your offering? What if your product or service had a premium option? Imagine adding a premium option to what you already provide.

How can you increase value by adding an extra feature or removing a hassle of your service? What if direct advertising was forbidden? Imagine a world without commercials. Brand lovers would need to share their experiences with good products and services with others. What if you went from ownership to rentals? Imagine ways to rent out your product or service instead of people owning them.

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  • Rent the Runway is redefining the fashion industry by renting out designer dresses that can be returned after use. What if you were charged a fee for delivering a bad customer experience? WhatsApp for Business charges companies if they fail to reply to their customers within 24 hours. This not only increases revenue for WhatsApp, but also nudges companies to create a better experience for their customers. What if your customers were extremely wealthy? Imagine VIP features that would make you rich by selling them to just one client.

    Many crowdfunding campaigns allow donations of thousands of euros, in exchange for a priceless experience. A dinner with the CEO of a startup, for example. What if you turned from B2C to B2B or vice versa? Originally, Airbnb only designed a service for B2C. Later, they added B2B services, with Airbnb offering new standards for business travelers and Ryanair offering a business package. What if you allowed external providers into your service? Imagine ways to let other companies integrate their services into your service.

    Slack allows hundreds of third-party extensions into its communication platform. What if you offered a service rather than a just product?