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Course Description. Put an end to your misery once and for all!

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This is the best time and place to start dealing with your clutter. This course will provide lots of helpful tips, resources and practices that will have you remaining on the anti-clutter wagon forever. Are messes and clutter crowding out your happiness and success? If your life is marked by stacks, piles, disarray and chaos, there is hope. No matter how many excuses you've made or how often you've made them there is a way to escape the madness and take back control of not only your environment, but your entire life! If you've been accused of being a "pack rat", "clutter bug" or even a full-blown slob, then this is your way to escape.

Over the course of six in-depth lessons, you'll be armed with everything you need to organize your home, your office, your car even your schedule , and smooth out all of the wrinkles that seem to crop up out of nowhere. Each lesson comes complete with reading materials, Internet links, quizzes, tests, assignments and discussion topics aimed at achieving four primary goals:.

To help you recognize the negative impact that clutter is having on your life. To define and implement self-motivated methods and strategies for success. To choose and actively utilize the best methods for your own unique situation and. To provide additional tips and resources to help you stay on track. It only takes a little mess to create big problems.

A cluttered desk can mean misplaced documents. A messy car can mean you lose important things like your registration or proof of insurance. Piles of clothes, mail, papers and dirty dishes can lead to embarrassment when unexpected visitors drop by. And disorganized schedules can mean important appointments, deadlines and personal or professional events are overlooked. While these are just a few of the instances where clutter can wreck havoc on your life and your life-style, the ripple effects of seemingly small oversights can create a tidal wave of trouble.

Unfortunately, truly eliminating clutter isn't a quick fix operation--it takes plenty of commitment and hard work. We've compiled all of the reading materials and coursework you'll need for success, the must crucial ingredient is one that only you can bring to the table--a readiness and commitment to change. That commitment will carry you through the six lessons that cover:.

The Easy Organizer: 365 Tips for Conquering Clutter

Lesson 1: Living the Clutter Free Life. Keeping with the clutter-free theme, the materials are presented logically and with a commitment toward easy navigation. All supplemental links and resources are conveniently included with each lesson plan, and communication options are tailored to work with your schedule and preferences.

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Better yet, you won't have to shuffle around an already hectic schedule to complete your lessons and assignments. The dates and times of your participation are determined wholly and completely by you and your lifestyle. To help you keep on top of your performance, each lesson will include both a written and practice assignment that will enable you to actually apply what you've learned.

7 Books to Help You Declutter & Organize Your Home

The goals of these assignments are two-fold:. To help you tackle your strategy to overcome clutter. Most lessons will also incorporate a review quiz, designed to highlight important principles that were covered. Lessons must be completed sequentially, meaning that you won't have access to Lesson 2 until you have first successfully completed each of the components of Lesson 1. Additionally, this online class has also incorporated additional reading resources recommended to help give you a clutter-busting edge.

Eradicating clutter is easier than you think. With a little know-how and a lot of dedication, you can regain control of your home, your office-- your entire life! Register now to start reaping the rewards of order and organization. Lesson 1: Introduction. You will identify all the negative impacts that clutter has had on your life, and get inspired by reading examples of how others have successfully conquered their own clutter. You will not only get yourself motivated to begin to de-clutter, but also will learn how to avoid procrastination, define your overall objectives, and begin to gather the materials.

You will begin to work on your home, by first reviewing popular organizing methods you may decide to use, and reviewing various tips and checklists to aid you. You will get your home or office desk in perfect order, with topics that will include: ingenious tips and tricks for lasting desk de-cluttering, how to deal with your "danger zones," and functional fixes. This lesson will provide you with tips and tricks for organizing the remaining sections of your home office. These will include: bulletin boards, computers, filing cabinets, address books, business libraries, and your mobile office.

This lesson will leave you with a few tips, tricks, and practices that will prevent clutter from coming back to plague you. These are practical, everyday tidbits, that may very well ensure the success of your new clutter free lifestyle. Describe the benefits of living a clutter-free life.

Organizing Tips and Ideas for Butterflies - ClutterBug Organizing Series

Describe the best methods to get started de-cluttering your life. Describe the methods for removing clutter from your house. Describe methods for removing clutter from your desk. Summarize techniques to organize your office. Additional Course Information.

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Instructor: Cathleen Chouinard. We did a search for other eBooks with a similar title, and found some results for you that may be helpful. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. Say Goodbye to Clutter Do you feel overwhelmed by the "stuff" in your life?

Are you tired of sifting through piles every time you or your family need one particular thing?


The Easy Organizer can solve your problems. This book has home organization tips that will simplify the way you organize your home. Each tip is full of quick, to-the-point instructions that will give you immediate results. You'll declutter your life in no time. Inside you'll find creative ideas for how to organize: closets and clothing children's toys and artwork storage areas entryways and mudrooms the kitchen the dining room living areas bedrooms bathrooms linen closets and laundry areas craft and hobby materials Plus the book's time management tips will help you get more done in less time and there's a bonus chapter with twenty-one key organizing concepts.

When you apply these concepts to your home on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, being organized will become a way of life.