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Is Delilah wrong for trying to move forward? Or should the family stick to old traditions to keep the memory of Jon alive? Upset, Delilah leaves, telling Regina to do the restaurant without her. To help provide some context, Eddie flashes back to performing with his band the Red Ferns.

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He comes backstage between songs, where the whole gang is excitedly hanging out, and downs a drink before kissing a pregnant Katherine. Delilah is mad at her husband for embarrassing her dad, but he walks off to take a work call. Eddie tells her she was always the strong one and he put her in a position she never asked to be. Recap continues on page 2. Elsewhere in the present time, Maggie is seeing her doctor.

Her cancer has spread even further and she needs surgery, chemo, and radiation ASAP.

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Later at a support group, Gary kind of half apologizes for his outburst on his birthday. When he goes to see Maggie, she tells him about suicide survivor regret and tell him that he needs to pursue his dream. She apologizes for not seeing how bad it had gotten for him.

Gary pretends he was already aware. She opens the door to indicate he should leave and instead of heading out, Gary takes off his shirt and shows her his scars and lack of a left nipple from surgery. Maggie kisses him and they wind up in bed. And so pizza night is back! Students learn about group membership and explore the range of responses available to us when we encounter exclusion, discrimination, and injustice.

Students explore a poem by James Berry about the ways we respond to difference and complete a creative assignment about their school or community. Students consider what happens when one aspect of our identity is privileged above others by society. Students use an excerpt from Sarfraz Manzoor memoir to reflect on identity, belonging, and wanting to feel invisible. Students are introduced to the concept of universe of obligation to better understand how societies create "in" groups and "out" groups.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell - Animated Book Review

Students analyse four rights in the UDHR and decide whether they are universal and enjoyed by all in the world today. Students study the Battle of Cable Street in London by examining testimonies of individuals who demonstrated against fascist leader Oswald Mosley. Students analyse the Battle of Cable Street Mural and reflect on the role of public art to commemorate, educate, and build community. Students use the historical case study of the Bristol Bus Boycott to examine strategies for bringing about change in our communities.

Students analyse a spoken word poem about bullying and consider how they might use their voices to call attention to injustice in their schools or communities.

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Students have an opportunity to explore one issue in-depth and to create an action plan that inspires change in their schools or communities. Understanding Identity 3.

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Transcending Single Stories 4. Why Little Things Are Big 5. The Challenge of Confirmation Bias 6. The Costs and Benefits of Belonging 7. Responding to Difference 8.

Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven

When Differences Matter 9. Blending In and Standing Out Defining Our Obligations to Others Defining Human Rights Making Rights Universal Standing Up to Hatred on Cable Street Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Stress follows a peculiar principle: when life hits us with big crises —the death of a loved one or a job loss—we somehow find the inner strength to endure these upheavals in due course.

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