Who Do You Say that I AM?

A MAZE. established since is an international label in the field of playful media that includes independent and alternative games, virtual realities and other.

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There is no wrong answer. Simply find that unique element that is you and move on to step two. There will probably be many ways to describe yourself and your unique abilities, but remember that a key phrase should be short and very concise.

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Work towards that. For whom? Compared to whom? Do you see the problem? Look around and see what statements are being used by other artists and learn from them. Learn from their mistakes or successes, and then when you create your own key phrase, be different! Sometimes having a symbol or visual identity to go along with your branding statement can be very effective.

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However, if you feel the need for a logo to reinforce your key statement, then create one, or perhaps adapt one. Stick with one type-face every time you use your statement, and that will become the symbol you are known for. Is it a strong, recognizable mark? Does it reflect the rest of your art?

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Norman Rockwell used his signature as a logo. Large companies with deep-pockets can launch massive campaigns utilizing every form of media. Most of us will not have the resources for that, so each piece of information we produce must be effective. This means putting your brand on everything you create. If you send e-mails, use your brand phrase or statement below your signature line. If you produce postcards or flyers, place the statement prominently.

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You have everything to gain! Click below to learn more! What is branding, exactly? Keep in mind that creating a custom piece is a different process than creating a work on your own.

Unless it is a replica of one of your current pieces, it will likely take more time to complete. There is more back-and-forth, more communication, and more trial and error than with your regular line of work. Calculate how long you think a project like this would take if it was something you were familiar with and then multiply that time by a third.

Being an artist is inherently a solo endeavor. With long hours alone in the studio, it can be quite jarring to all of a sudden have someone else involved in your decision making and creative process. Is it appealing to you to work closely with someone else? Being social can be the key to art business success , but knowing what you are up for is just as important. Not every project has to be an extension of your current aesthetic.

It might be easier, but ask yourself how important that is to you at the current place in your career. Everyone needs to make money, and everyone deserves a steady career.

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Taking on a project that is outside of your comfort zone could open up new doors, give you new ideas, and introduce you to new people and clients. The last thing you want is to put in the effort, time, and overhead, and not get paid. Ask your client to put down a percentage of the final piece before you start working on it. That way, you are both invested in the outcome. Determine what feels fair to you.

Set a percentage that works for you, and stick to it.

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A good way to know that you and your client are on the same page is by going over multiple samples of your past work. Make sure they see the range of what you are capable of doing and they get a good idea of the overview of your work. See if there are certain pieces that they like more than others.

Ask them what they prefer about those pieces. What big themes, techniques or generalizations do they like? Being clear about what is possible, or not possible, helps temper false expectations.