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These negative relationships between the rich and poor were very similar to the sort of class conflicts that Americans were dealing with during the Progressive era. While many people began to believe that people having too much money could cause bad things to happen, people were becoming richer than anyone else had ever been which led to many disagreements and tensions between the upper and lower classes. By showing this in their own society, Merchant and Jones try to show how bad these tensions can go if they are not stopped. In Caskia, the narrator stays with someone who is only known as The Master.

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During the last part of the story, The Master works in the same way that Severnius did at the beginning of the story, by having a debate with the narrator to show those who are reading the novel the logic behind many of the decisions of the society itself. He thinks that Americans are more focused on the images and symbols of religion rather than focusing on the message.

A Jewish Unveiling of a Tombstone

Progressives were making similar arguments about religion and the ways in which the distinction between good and bad was getting more and more blurred to people and how many reformers were focused on the immorality and lack of religion in people as the reason for the political problems that the country was having.

They believed that they could fix these problems by removing all vice from their lives. Denis She also wrote short fiction and travel essays. She published no other works of fiction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Publication date. Lippincott, ; p. Brantford, Ontario: W.

The Unveiling

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Science fiction Speculative fiction Utopian fiction. The physical act of erecting and unveiling a monument allows for the expression of the sad and painful emotions of grief. Family members gather together, often from cities which are miles apart, and continue their mourning as a family, lending each other comfort and support in dealing with their grief.

Although painful, this realistic experience of grief can, over time, be very healing for mourners. During the unveiling of a monument, as one sees the name of a beloved family member etched in stone, there is a stark realization of the finality of death.

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The impact can be quite jarring to some, and yet, at the same time, can provide a further opportunity to accept the reality of the loss. Thus, the unveiling ritual allows mourners to face death and loss realistically, and to affirm a commitment to life and to living. The unveiling also allows the bereaved family members to honor and to recall the memory of their departed.

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The service for the unveiling of a monument is a short and simple one. Even that day of the unveiling , Liberty remained elusive in practice in the United States.

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But this year, the cover image has been leaked, unveiling that Kate Upton has won the accolade for a second year straight. I have a fearful job on hand just now: an address on the unveiling of a military statue. Shortly afterwards the mist gradually dissolved, unveiling the magnificent scenery below and around. I had never been so throbbingly present at such an unveiling. The terrific powers of the Atom Smasher were unveiling themselves more and more each moment.